Automated Assembly Machines

Here at RNA, our highly qualified and experienced automation experts design and develop custom assembly automation across a range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, consumer goods, electronics and other manufacturing industries.

Automated Assembly Machines

Custom Assembly Solutions – From simple, standalone poka yoke mechanical devices to fully automated assembly line, we have the knowledge and experience to provide cutting edge industrial automation solutions to improve OEE, efficiency and productivity.

Our Knowledge and Experience

  • Special Purpose Machinery
  • Assembly Automation Systems
  • Testing
  • Automated Production Line
  • Robotic Handling
  • Poka Yoke Systems
  • Pick and Place
  • Manual Workstations
  • Automated Parts Handling and Orientating
  • Vision Inspection and Quality Control
  • Packaging and Processing
  • Control Systems
  • Welding and Cutting
  • Many more…

Custom Assembly Automation Systems

  • Flexible automatic assembly machine
  • Semi or fully automated production line
  • Semi or fully automated assembly line
  • Sorting and assembly turnkey solutions
  • System integration and development

Rotary and CAM Indexing Systems

  • Rotary indexing table
  • High performance conveyor
  • Palletised conveyor
  • Linear track systems

Robotic Systems

  • 6/7 Axis
  • Scara
  • Collaborative
  • Robotics and handling
  • Robot programming and robot integration
  • Welding
  • High speed pick and place
  • Vision guided robotic system

Inspection and Vision Systems

  • Sensing
  • Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Quality Control
  • Sorting

Feeding and Handling

  • Bowl and Multi-lane Linear Feeders
  • Centrifugal Feeders
  • 3-Axis Vibration Feeders
  • High speed Pick and Place Systems
  • Step Feeders
  • Carpet Feeders


Why Choose Us?

The demands on today’s industry have never been greater. Shorter product life cycles, small batch sizes and constant product upgrades are now the norm. RNA has responded to this environment by developing a range of industrial automation solutions flexible enough to meet these challenges. Solutions which are capable of handling multi-products and product additions, with high efficiency and which have simple and fast changeover to minimise downtime.

  • Leading edge technology with the very best in speed and reliability giving you the competitive edge.
  • An unrivalled portfolio means that our automation experts are able to offer unique and exciting solutions tailored to your business objectives.
  • Fast and flexible, our solutions offer rapid payback and ‘future proof’ your investment.
  • In a history of over a century and with over 2000 systems supplied annually RNA have earned a reputation for the highest quality combined with value for money.
  • Our experience and expertise in Assembly Automation System allows us to provide robust and reliable automation solutions to meet the customer requirements.


VariCube assembly robot

VariCube R™ Automatic Diaphragm Assembly Machine

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RNA - Vial Filling and Labelling Machine - Vial loading1 605 454

Automated Vial Filling and Labelling Machine

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SED Tube and Filter Assembly Machine

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RNA wash waste cartridge assembly System

Wash Waste Cartridge Assembly System

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Custom assembly machine with rotary indexing table for medical filters.

Medical Filter Assembly Machine for Overmoulding

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An automotive Poka Yoke assembly machine to assemble and test fuel tank quality by RNA.

Fuel Tank Assembly Quality Improvement through Poka Yoke

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Automatic Valve Assembly Machine

Automatic Valve Assembly Machine

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Robotic assembly system for screw shear and bung.

Robot System for Automatic Screw Shear & Bung Assembly

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Automated clipping and welding system for automotive parts.

Automated Clipping & Welding System for Automotive Parts

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Automated cap assembly and indexing machine.

Automated Cap Assembly and Indexing System

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Automated robotic loading system.

Robotic Loading and Test System

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Industrial Automation Solutions

Automated Assembly Machines
Automated Assembly Machines


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