Automatic Valve Assembly Machine

Automatic Valve Assembly Machine

RNA were contracted to design and develop an Automatic Valve Assembly Machine. The project is to pre-assemble the valve ready for the secondary welding operation.

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The automatic assembly is made up of the following parts:

  • Valve Body
  • Buffer spring
  • Flow spring
  • Plunger

The valve body and plunger are fed using individual bowl feeders, presenting them ready for a high-speed Delta robot to complete the assembly. The springs are picked from the trays provided and when the assemblies are complete that are loaded into trays ready to be removed by the operator from the cell. The system can be easily upgraded to allow for more trays.

Key features

  • Valve Body feeding system with hopper feeder
  • Plunger feeding system
  • High speed Delta robot system
  • Delta robot multi pick gripper system
  • Buffer spring tray conveyor loading system
  • Flow spring tray conveyor loading system
  • Tray centralising systems
  • System Control


How RNA Automatic Valve Assembly Machine Assembles Valves

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Automatic Valve Assembly Machine

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