Case Studies Automatic Screw Insertion Cell with Bowl Feeder

Automatic Screw Insertion Cell with Bowl Feeder

Automatic Screw Insertion Cell with Bowl Feeder

RNA have designed and built an automatic screw insertion cell to put screws into the holes in a cover part.

RNA skills:-

  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Bowl feeding
  • Robotic handling
  • Project management


The system includes a bowl feeder, a 6 axis handling robot, hand over station and parts jig.

Screw Bowl Feed System

M3 x 8 screws are fed from a vibratory bowl feeder and along a vibratory linear feeder into a pneumatically actuated escapement which presents 2 screws at a time from alternating positions. A Nachi MZ04 robot picks 2 pairs of screws using a vacuum gripper. The EOAT tooling has a max capacity of 4 screws.

Slide Table

The slide table transfers freshly moulded covers from the Hand over station to the ‘work’ position. It allows for the loading of 4 covers at a time. Once the slide table is in the ‘work’ position it holds the covers in place whilst the handling robot loads a pair of screws into each cover. Once the screws have been inserted, the slide table returns to the ‘load/unload’ position where the operator will collect the 4 completed covers.

Hand Over Station

The operator places 4 freshly moulded covers into the vacuum nests so that they can be placed open face lowermost. There are 4 nests in the hand over station that squares up covers before placing them flat on the slide table below, only after the 4 completed covers from the previous cycle have been removed and the area below is clear.

Handling Robot

The handling robot picks 2 pairs of screws (4 total) and then inserts them into 2 of the freshly moulded covers. Once it has used its 4 screws then it will return to the escapement to collect another 4 before inserting these.


How RNA Automatic Screw Insertion Cell Inserts Screw into a Cover Part

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Automatic Screw Insertion Cell with Bowl Feeder

RNA offer robotics and automation equipment. If you have any questions or need any technical advice please ask us.


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