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Step feeders


Quiet operation

FlexType ST Step Feeder - RNA Automation

Quick changeover


Metered feeding


Low maintenance


Gentle parts handling

RNA Step feeders have been designed to be robust and reliable for handling bulky heavy components, oil and other harsh materials on the surface of the product are possible for feeding and orientation.

The RNA step feeder is a compact low noise alternative to a bowl feeding system and in many circumstances components can be tooled without the aid or air.

The RNA step feeder is manufactured in such a way that the static hopper, which has a very low filling height, can be loaded manually. The components are collected from the hopper by elevating plates, pre-sorted and fed to the top without any further feeding technique until they reach the desired transfer height.

Key features of the RNA step feeder are that it operates quietly and without vibration.

Quiet operationLow maintenance
Metered feedingVibration free feeding
Low load heightLittle damage to parts to be handled

Our experienced staff are available to provide advice and offer this system to you which can be adapted and integrated with multi-lane tracks to meet your requirements.

Standard Step Feeder hopper sizes range from 10 to 60 litres capacity and on request can be made to suit your individual requirements.

 BaseType STS series 
Step Feeder STS
The new BaseType STS Step Feeder | cost-effective and reliable with improved features!

Available in 2 different sizes (Step width 220 and 320); For each size, a stationary hopper is integrated, with a low filling height allowing manual filling. Band hoppers are available for larger quantities of parts.

Hopper volume, the maximum filling weight, the numbers of steps and the step depth are configurable.

Learn more about RNA Step feeder BaseType STS series

 FlexType ST series 
Step Feeder STS
The new FlexType ST Step Feeder | Compact, flexible, powerful and reproducible

The step feeder – in combination with the linear selection section – supplies product from bulk storage to your production line in singulated, properly oriented condition, and at uniform rates. The parts enter the selection section smoothly without much movement to ensure gentle handling and quiet operation.

Learn more about RNA Step feeder FlexType ST series

ApplicationsLeaflet & Catalogue
Application 1: Sorting and Feeding of Screws
Screws step feeder1
Screws step feeder
AutomobileScrews M6 x 5510 components in 40s
Product information Watch video

Application 2: Sorting and Feeding of Springs

Car Suspension Springs step feeder
Springs step feeder
AutomobileSprings Ø40-80 mm, length 40-80 mm, in total 9 types, also square types10 springs per minute
Product information

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