FlexType ST

The new FlexType ST Step Feeder – cost-effective and reliable with improved features

The BaseType STS step feeder from RNA.

The new generation of RNA step feeders FlexType ST series are now available in 2 different sizes with improved features.

For each size, a stationary hopper is integrated, with a low filling height allowing manual filling. Band hoppers are available for larger quantities of parts. Hopper volume, the maximum filling weight, the numbers of steps and the step depth are configurable.

As a basic device in the feeding of parts, the step feeder is built so that the associated stationary hopper can be filled by hand with its low filling height. The size of the hopper can be adjusted, depending upon the application and component parts. The parts are conveyed upwards by means of counter-rotating lifting plates from the hopper bin and thus reach the desired transfer height without further conveyor technology. Due to the transport upwards and the shape of the lifting plates, pre-sorting of the parts already takes place.

The step feeder FlexType ST works with quiet and vibration-free operation. With a range of linear sorting integrated with the FlexType ST series, RNA offers a powerful overall concept for certain specific tasks where a traditional feeding systems may not be appropriate. And high output rates even for parts with the smallest features for orientation can be handled by the step feeder FlexType ST.


RNA step feeders FlexType ST series

FlexType ST

If you have a question or would like to enquire about BaseType STS please ask us.


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