Linear Feeders

Linear feeders convey oriented components from bowl feeders over short or relatively long distances, thereby creating a buffer storage. They enable a consistent flow of orientated components from the bowl feeder to escapement devices creating product accumulation prior to a machine or handling unit.

A linear feeder from RNA.


Standard off the shelf linear feeder

Tooling for multi-tracks
Custom solutions

Linear feeders from RNA enable a linear sorting (linear sorting track). They can also be used for the orientation of components and provide higher outputs with a multi-track design.

Misorientated components are returned to prefeeders via a chute and vibration tray. In addition to horizontal conveying of components, linear feeders can be used to handle irregular supplies of parts from upstream equipment, creating a buffer store and smooth flow for further processes.

Sizes can be up to 3 metres long and are available to suit every possible application. RNA linear feeders share bowl feeder drive units multi magnet design, are robust, compact and virtually maintenance free.

RNA Standard Range RNA provide standard and custom feeding systems.

What is a linear feeder?

Apart from pure transportation tasks, linear feeders also act as buffer and accumulation lines. Even if their feeding is incomplete or irregular, component parts can be continuously supplied by the preceding sorting installation for the following processing stage.

Besides, linear feeders enable a sorting free of lateral oscillation (linear sorting lines). These sorting lines can also be installed as multi-tracks, in order to achieve a higher sorting efficiency. Parts that have been sorted out are led back to the preceding feeding system via so-called sorting hoppers which are activated by the linear feeder as well.

Linear feeders also serve as a drive for bulk hoppers to stockpile mass-produced parts. Thanks to the way they are constructed, the advantage of these vibratory hoppers in comparison to other hopper systems is that they guarantee a trouble and gap-free material flow, plus they allow for large filling weights.

The linear feeders by RNA reach high feeding capacities and fulfil their tasks even on long feeding lines and under critical conditions.


A 3D printed bowl feeder for Filigree parts from the electrical industry.

RNA FlexType with 3D Printed Bowl feeder

3D Printed Bowl Feeder for Filigree Parts from the Electrical Industry

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The FlexType S is being used to handle yellow nozzles.

FlexType S for 30 types of nozzles

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The FlexType L is being used to handle plastic inserts.

FlexType L for plastic inserts

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A linear feeder is orienting and sorting of plastic housings.

Plastic housings

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Task: Correctly orienting and sorting of plastic housings

Performance: 720 parts per minute, the sorting is carried out on 16 tracks on a linear feeder.

A linear feeder from RNA.

Protective sleeves

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Task: Correctly orienting and sorting of protective sleeves

Performance: 600 parts per minute, the sorting is carried out on 10 tracks on a linear feeder.

The special feature of this installation is an “alternating feeder element” that serves to feed a second type of protective sleeve with a completely different geometry.

A close up of an automated system for correctly orienting and sorting closing caps.

Closing Caps

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Task: Correctly orienting and sorting of closing caps

Performance: 900 parts per minute, the sorting is carried out on 15 tracks on a linear feeder.

Special requirements for production in the clean room in the pharmaceutical industry.



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Linear Feeders


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