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Linear Feeders

Linear Feeder2

Linear feeders convey oriented components from bowl feeders over short or relatively long distances, thereby creating a buffer storage.

They enable a consistent flow of orientated components from the bowl feeder to escapement devices creating product accumulation prior to a machine or handling unit.

Sizes can be up to 2 metres long and are available to suit every possible application. RNA linear feeders share bowl feeder drive units multi magnet design, are robust, compact and virtually maintenance free.

 SORT-FLEX series 
Sort flex

Flexible high performance feeding system by RNA

With a feeding rate of 2,500 parts per minute and a changeover time less than one minute, SORT-FLEX series are unmatched.

The SORT-FLEX Systems are available in sizes L, M and S with one or multiple tracks.

Learn more about RNA SORT-FLEX series

 NEW! Linear Feeder SLC500 
RNA New Linear Feeder SLC

The New Compact Linear Feeder SLC500 – for particularly high loads and wide accumulation lines

RNA has developed an extra wide linear feeder that features as particular properties compared to conventional linear drives. The new linear feeder SLC500 is specially designed for applications with high loads and wide transport and accumulation lines in feeding technology.

Learn more about Linear Feeder SLC500

ApplicationsVideosLeaflets and Catalogue
ZE System: Multi Lane, High Speed RNA Multi Lane High Speed Linear Feeder Read more
The ZE system are built utilising the standard highly reliable equipment range from RNA. The RNA developed ZE system feeds large component groups in multi lanes to achieve incredible feed speeds of up to and over 3000 parts per minute.
Product information (PDF)

Spray caps spray caps linear feeder Read more
Description: The spray caps are fed to a customer rotary indexing machine for assembly.

Performance: 2000 component parts per minute, the sorting is carried out on 8 individual tracks on a linear feeder.
Product information (PDF)

Foil bags foil bags bowl feeder Read more
Description: The foiled bags to be pre-sorted and laid onto a conveyor. A customer robot grasps the bag from the conveyor and lays this in the outer packaging of a prepared food.

Performance: 120 bags per minute Product information (PDF)

Spray nozzles spray nozzles bowl feeder Read more
Description: Positionally correct feed with high performance

Performance: 1200 parts per minute Product information (PDF)

Linear feeder 1

RNA versatile high speed orienting system ZE3000

 Linear feeder 2

Sorting and feeding of bags of Mustard, Curry, Wood Skewers

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