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Linear Feeder SLC500

The new compact linear feeder SLC500 – for particularly high loads and wide accumulation lines

RNA has developed an extra wide linear feeder that features particular properties compared to conventional linear drives. The new linear feeder SLC500 is specially designed for applications with high loads and wide transport and accumulation lines in feeding technology.

The new linear feeder SLC500 is ideal for using in applications with wide multi-track transport and accumulation lines as well as with hopper systems in which a high filling volume and filling weight is realised in compact space. The SLC500 has a width of 300mm and a length of 500mm plus a load capacity of up to 70kg.


The SLC500 features the same advantages as the known SLL series, i.e. it enables a simple and logical tuning of the drive regarding speed and the running ability of the component parts (e.g. acceleration on the discharge side) plus a quiet and exact running performance.

The SLC500 is fastened over a total of 8 rubber-bonded metal buffers that the user can mount both to the outside and inside. This principle in conjunction with the dead load of the drive avoids a high vibration transfer, e.g. into the machine frame, therefore guaranteeing a particularly quiet running ability.

RNA New Linear Feeder SLC

Feature and Benefits

  • Steady transport of tablets, running faster on the discharge side
  • Compact type of construction for embedding into the customer’s machine
  • Compact linear feeder with 50Hz magnets
  • Lowest construction height
  • Shortest possible length
  • Very high load capacity possible (approx. 60-70 kg)
  • Large projections on the discharge side can be realised (approx. 500-700mm)
  • Low vibration transfer into the base frame at high amplitudes due to the drive weight
  • Buffer arrangement (8 parts)
  • The spring arrangement with counterweight combination also enables a gentle running performance (e.g. transporting glass bottles in standing position)
  • Adjustable spring angles

Technical Data

  • Oscillator width: 330 mm
  • Location size: 300 mm
  • Total width: 469 mm
  • Total length: 500 mm
  • Total height: 145 mm


SLC500 dimensions
SLC500 dimensions
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