Applications Custom Automation Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Custom Automation Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Customised automation systems provide a competitive edge through enhanced efficiency, traceability, and flexibility for the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry.

Custom Automation Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Customised Automation Solutions

Specialises in developing customised solutions that perfectly fit the unique requirements of each client, ensuring optimal performance and integration with existing processes.

Comprehensive Support Services

Provides extensive after-sales support, including training, maintenance, and technical assistance, to ensure smooth operation and quick resolution of any issues.

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Acts as a long-term partner for clients, offering ongoing consultation and upgrades to keep pace with technological advancements and changing industry demands.

Assembly and Packaging automation systems in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

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Custom automation systems play a crucial role in pharmaceutical assembly and packaging operations. They orchestrate the assembly of intricate drug delivery devices such as inhalers, pens, and syringes. Every click and snap ensures a perfect fit for a product that works flawlessly.

These systems handle tasks ranging from filling and sealing blister packs to labelling bottles and cartons, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of different pharmaceutical products. 

  • Robotic systems are increasingly deployed for repetitive and precise tasks like pick-and-place, assembly, and material handling, enhancing efficiency and mitigating human error.
  • Vision inspection systems are employed for inspection and quality control, automatically detecting and rejecting defective items, ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements. 
  • Automated Feeding and handling solutions, including bowl feeders, conveyors, accumulation systems, streamline the flow of products and work-in-progress, minimising human interventions. 

RNA Automation work closely with pharmaceuticals manufacturers to cater to their specific needs, ultimately leading to faster delivery of high-quality health care and pharmaceutical products to the market.

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RNA’s Capabilities

Design and engineering expand icon

Custom design, development and installation of automation solutions tailored to specific pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging needs, including the integration of rotary indexing systems, robotics, vision systems, and precision mechanics.

Assembly automation expand icon

Development of automated systems for the assembly of drug delivery devices such as syringes, inhalers, and auto-injectors, ensuring components are assembled accurately and efficiently.

Packaging automation expand icon

Solutions for the automated packaging of pharmaceuticals, including blister packaging, bottle filling, cap sealing, and box packaging. Systems are designed to handle various packaging formats with high precision and speed.

Labelling and serialisation expand icon

Automated labelling systems that apply labels accurately to packages, bottles, or syringes, integrated with serialisation technology to track and trace products throughout the supply chain, ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements.

Rotary indexing machines expand icon

Rotary assembly and testing machinery from two-station rotary machines up to highly complex 10-station rotary machines. Systems are designed for precise medical device assembly, filling and packaging operations.

Robotic systems integration expand icon

Designing and implementing robotic systems for tasks like pick-and-place, product sorting, assembly, and material handling; Developing robotic end-of-arm tooling for specialised applications.

Vision inspection systems expand icon

Implementation of automated inspection systems using vision technology for defect defection, product verification, and packaging inspection.

Automated feeding and handling expand icon

Automated Feeding and handling solutions, including bowl feeders, conveyors, accumulation systems.



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In the highly regulated healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, custom automation systems are essential for ensuring operational efficiency, compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), and maintaining high-quality outputs.

These systems are designed to automate various stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing, from ingredient mixing to final packaging. They integrate robotic systems, vision inspection, and feeding & handling capabilities intro synchronised production lines, streamlining operations and ensuring quality and compliance.

Experts say

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Having produced a wealth of innovative solutions, RNA are well placed to meet the customers automation requirements in the medical device and pharmaceutical sector. From feeding & handling solutions, to component assembly, through to full production lines, RNA has a unique and enviable skillset to undertake turnkey applications and make them a reality.

Matt Hallifax | UK Sales Manager

What our clients say

“RNA have proved on multiple occasions that they design and quote brilliant machines. I’ve visited the RNA site and seen for myself the level of detail and quality they work to, which I can’t say for the majority of other suppliers I’ve been to.

RNA has been a great company to work with. They have helped develop an idea into a reality with our latest machine, which has been successful. Their communication has been good throughout the project, and their employees have been knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

In light of the recent project, I would recommend RNA to other businesses, and we will hopefully be using them again for future automation projects within the business.”

Production Engineer of a Market-leading manufacturer of high quality bathroom, plumbing and washroom products

Pharmaceutical FAQs

What is automation in the pharmaceutical industry?

Custom automation systems are essential in pharmaceutical assembly and packaging. They oversee the precise assembly of complex drug delivery devices like inhalers, pens, and syringes, ensuring every component fits perfectly for flawless functionality.

How is automation used in pharma industry?

Automation is integral to various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance across different stages of drug discovery, development, manufacturing, and distribution. Some of our main pharmaceutical capabilities include:

  • Labelling and serialisation
  • Vision inspection systems
  • Design and engineer
  • Rotary indexing machines
  • Packaging automation
  • Automated feeding and handling
  • Robotic systems integration
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