Insights Patented electromechanical quick release linear System

Patented electromechanical quick release linear System

RNA’s new quick release linear feed system is designed for those looking for a quick and safe changeover between component parts, which reduces downtime and increases productivity. The patented quick release linear system is based on electro-mechanical technology, allowing the system to be used in applications where other quick release mechanisms such as pneumatics cannot be used.

Linear feed systems are well known in the field of packaging and manufacturing equipment. Such systems propel parts in a linear path, providing a continuous stream of parts in a production line. A linear feed system comprises two essential components, a vibratory assembly that causes vibrations and a feed assembly that conveys parts along the linear path.

quick release linear systemTo transmit vibrations from the vibratory assembly to the feed assembly, a secure mechanical connection is always required. This is traditionally achieved by bolting the feed assembly securely to the vibratory assembly. However, when replacing the feed assembly to allow for different parts to be used, the process of disconnecting and reconnecting a feed assembly can be complicated and take an extended length of time. This complexity and time is multiplied when multiple such assemblies are used in parallel, which is common in manufacturing production lines. The result is that valuable time is lost when reconfiguring a production line.

A solution to the above problem is to use quick release mechanisms that secure the feed assembly to the vibratory assembly and also allow for rapid removal and replacement of the feed assembly. Such mechanisms are commonly based around pneumatic technology, where pressurised air is used to provide a clamping force between the feed assembly and the vibratory assembly. In some applications, however, pneumatic systems cannot be used due to the particular requirements of the parts being processed. One example is in pharmaceutical packaging, where pneumatic systems cannot be used due to the possibility of contamination between different batches of material and between different products. Pneumatic systems also add to the complexity of the vibratory feed system, requiring air lines and a compressor, which increase the risk of contamination due to leaks and exhaust air mixing with the clean environment in which such packaging machines tend to operate.

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To solve the problems mentioned above, RNA developed an electromechanical system to secure the feed assembly and the vibratory assembly. Instead of using traditional clamping mechanism, the electromechanical clamping mechanism allows the system to be used in applications where other clamping mechanisms such as pneumatics cannot be used, while retaining the advantages of a quick release mechanism. A further advantage is that the clamping mechanism requires power only when it is being operated to clamp or unclamp, thereby removing the possibility of failure when the linear feed system is being operated.

RNA also provide quick release bowl feeder which has been designed to provide a low cost option for machinery needing rapid changeover between products, or where regular cleaning is necessary. Click here for more information.

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