Insights Everything you need to know about Robot Integration

Everything you need to know about Robot Integration

Author: Matthew Knight

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You’ve probably seen and experienced robotic integration to some capacity. At RNA we’ve compiled the essentials on everything you need to know about Robotic integration. 

There are typically two main applications for robotics integration — industrial robotics and collaborative robotics.


Robotics and automation systems-spray booth for panoramic frames

What is industrial robotics?

An industrial robot or service robot is set up to conduct one function or intended application. 

Often more difficult to update programs, move and change their working patterns with humans, collaborative robots offer more options in terms of how they interact in the space and their functionality. 

Industrial robots are robots “for use in industrial automation applications”, while a service robot “performs useful tasks for people or equipment, excluding industrial automation applications”.


What is meant by collaborative robotics?

A collaborative robot has the capability of learning and carrying out multiple tasks so it can assist human beings. 

Collaborative robots can work in tandem with skilled workers or be adjusted in secure spaces depending on the function they are required to perform. 


In which industries can robotic integration be found?

RNA has advised and serviced a variety of sectors with robot integration. Commonly, RNA has provided the below industries with robotic solutions that have enhanced productivity.


What is a robot-integrated system?

Robotics integration uses robotic systems in strategic areas to perform automated tasks. Robotics system integrators like those found at RNA Automation increase productivity in multiple areas of the production line. 

An example of how a robotic integrated system is used in the automotive industry would be the assembly and testing of parts. The automated handling of these parts and orientating them together. 

The robotics in and around the programming of each unit or item. Detailed and consistent quality control on each unit. This stage also includes vision inspection.  

What does a robotics integrator do?

Robotic integrators aren’t just automations for the manufacturing production line. Companies like RNA analyse your existing robotic systems and establish what can be optimised. 

By implementing concepts and plans that address your robotic needs, robotic integration is a smart response to your existing automations. 

The experts at RNA are able to optimise productivity based on their industry knowledge and sector experience. Each sector will be looking to enhance different areas of production for different reasons. 

Intelligent robotic integration allows companies to achieve more consistent results that cut labour costs. 

Once the robotic integration is established, your production facility should operate smoothly. From reporting and responding to interacting with your skilled team efficiently, your production facility will benefit from easily adaptable robotics.

What is the benefit of robot integration?

RNA is pleased to have changed the face of many companies’ production facilities with robotic solutions and collaborative solutions. 

Common industrial uses for robots include assembly, painting, dispensing, palletizing, production inspection, material handling, welding, and production testing.

Robot systems integration is highly flexible, scalable, and accurate, providing a significant return on investment

RNA are experts in automation 

RNA are experts in automating and assembling. Using automation integrations, RNA creates bespoke automation solutions for a variety of sectors and industries. However, feeding and handling are at the core of RNA’s robotic ingenuity. 

Our products range from bowl, linear, centrifugal, flexible, step and carpet feeders. Being able to provide a variety of solutions for your production line allows your company’s functionality and productivity to soar. 

Bowl Feeder for Snap Fit Fascia Trim Fasteners

Finding a bespoke automation solution

Getting the right machinery with the right functionality is key to your business’s KPIs. With the general labour shortage across multiple industries, companies are looking for innovative solutions in robotics and automation that will stand the test of time. 


From vision inspection to automated assembly machines, industries such as life science to electronics to automotive are benefiting from automation. 


What technology is used in robotic automation? 

We use and implement a variety of technologies to conduct different functionality. Depending on what your product is, you might see technologies such as assembly testing, automated parts handling and orientating, robotics and vision inspection and quality control. 

Would you like an instant look at our factory? Take a virtual tour around our innovative facility and explore how we build and integrate robotics. 

Getting to see the products in action can certainly help you understand their positioning, functionality and size. All of these important aspects will allow you to picture them in your own production line or space. 

Which robotic automation is right for you?

Our highly experienced team is ready to walk you through options and solutions that would fit your production line. Before you get in touch with us, feel free to dive deeper into our products available through RNA. 

Our downloadable product range is easily accessible and gives you a more comprehensive look at what we can provide and how each system works for you. 


Getting started with robotic integration 

At RNA we’re here to find robotics integration that maximises your productivity. Speak to one of our highly experienced team today and discover how RNA can improve your robotic solutions today.

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