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Improve Productivity with Poka Yoke Inspection

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RNA Carpet Gap Hider Poka Yoke Station – RNA have designed and built a bespoke workstation, applying Poka-Yoke (also called mistake proofing) requirements to prevent the human errors that result in product defects.

The workstation is dedicated to apply the correct label to correct product (two types). The task requires a high concentration from the worker, and is the cause of many errors, since two types of products are too similar to each other, both in size and in colour.

carpet gap hider

The Poka Yoke designed in the workstation consists of a Poka Yoke clamp and a Poka Yoke vision sensor. If the product does not match the build requirements the clamps will remain locked and the HMI will request a supervisor to attend.

The Poka Yoke designed workstation helps workers to be ‘right first time’, enhancing the quality and overall output of the process.

carpet gap hider workstation

RNA design and build customised workstations to suit the individual needs of our customers.

If you are interested in more details in RNA custom workstation please contact us(sales@rnaautomation.com).

Operation Description

    • Operator will load the LH or RH Carpet Gap Hider into the formed nest and activate part locking clamps
    • Operator will scan the barcode that states what colour the product is (this will be done at the start of every batch – batch size can vary)


    • If accepted the machine will print off the correct label and the operator will apply to the part
    • The clamps will be released and the part can be removed from the fixture ready

    Elements of the workstation

          • Workstation frame with light and socket
          • 1+1-imp nesting
          • Poka Yoke clamping
          • Poka Yoke vision sensing
          • Part present sensing
          • ABS plastic back present
          • Scanner & Printer
          • System Control


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