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Consumer goods


Find out how RNA help consumer goods companies around the world to increase flexibility and productivity.

Sorting and correctly oriented supply of 30 types of nozzles

SORT-FLEX series – 30 types of Nozzles

Flexible high-performance linear feeding systems by RNA
With a feeding rate of 2,500 parts per minute and a changeover time less than one minute, the linear feeding systems from RNA are unmatched.

Flip top caps closing system

Flip top caps closing system

An automated cap closing system for a range of flip top caps, developed for flip top caps that are open after going through the injection moulding process, the caps must be closed prior to being used by manufacturers or packaging companies.

Centrifugal feeder system to feed, orientate, and load a range of Coin Blanks

Centrifugal Feeder orientates Coins

A centrifugal feeder bowl system to feed, orientate, and load a range of Coin Blanks. 11 sizes total; A 1370mm single row of components to be discharged every 6 seconds.

Battery cans

Centrifugal Feeder Orientates and Feeds Battery Cans

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Automatic Inspection for Clothing Size Cubes

Automatic Inspection for Clothing Size Cubes

An automatic inspection machine to sort mixed batches of coat hanger size cubes/tags into individual containers. The solution provides a significant saving in labour costs, reduced inventory and speeds up the lengthy process of manual inspection and sorting.

Jeyes Household Cleaning

Jeyes household cleaning packaging

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