Case Studies Centrifugal Feeder orientates and feeds Caps

Centrifugal Feeder orientates and feeds Caps

Centrifugal Feeder orientates and feeds Caps

RNA have designed and developed a feeding and handling system to feed and orientate caps.

RNA skills:-

  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Centrifugal feeding
  • Project management
  • Developed with GAMP Pharmaceutical standards




Plastic caps (⌀70mm)


400 components per minute

Sequence of Operation:

Components are loaded into an RNA inclined-belt hopper with a filling volume of 800 litres and dosed into a centrifugal feeder which feeds and discharges components onto an outfeed conveyor. An orientation sensor is fitted to check caps orientation. Miss-orientated components will be detected and recycled back into the hopper via a vacuum air system; Correctly orientated components are fed onto the customer’s existing line.


How RNA Centrifugal Feeder Feeds and Orientates Plastic Caps

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Centrifugal Feeder orientates and feeds Caps

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