Case Studies Centrifugal Feeder feeds and orientates Test Unit Body

Centrifugal Feeder feeds and orientates Test Unit Body

RNA have designed and developed a centrifugal feeding and handling system to feed and orientate test unit bodies for the pharmaceutical industry.

RNA skills:-

  • Centrifugal feeding
  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Project management


Test Unit Body for medical use (Ø19mm x 40mm)


50 components per minute, per lane. 4 lanes in total.

Sequence of Operation:

Components are loaded manually into two belt driven bulk feeders and doesed into two centrifugal feeders. Each centrifugal feeder correctly feeds and orientates components to a linear out-feed. The system comes with two single lane linear out-feeds with ‘v’ split to populate 4 lines at exit from linears.


Component contacts: Stainless grade 304 and FDA approved polyurethane, FDA HDPE, FDA polycarbonate.
Non-contacts: Stainless grade 304, anodised/painted aluminium and painted mild steel.
Paint Finish: RAL 9010

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