RNA New Linear Feeder SLA

RNA linear feeder is used to handle irregular supplies of component parts from upstream equipment, creating a buffer store and smooth flow for further processes. RNA’s newly developed the SLA linear feeder has a much broader set of features that can serve you even much better.

♦ Easy tuning through simple spring adjustment
♦ Minimal transmission of vibration to machine frame
♦ No lateral vibration
♦ Interchangeable vibrating profile in proven design ‘narrow’ or ‘wide’
♦ Stable transition of highly sensitive components
♦ Centralised adjustment of the spring angle without altering the magnet gap setting
♦ Adjustable holes which simplify the adjustment of the linear track junction for accurate positioning
♦ Firmly fixed to the base which enables stable running performance

SLA Linear
Unique on the market

SLA linear

Linear SLA

The SLA linear feeder can be obtained in two construction sizes.

Linear SLA

Linear SLA
RNA Linears

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