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RNA Linear feederRNA bowl linear drive units are the most reliable and robust in the market place today, with low vibration characteristics through to the machine bed and high output efficiency.

RNA LinearUL/CSA approved as standard for the North American market 110/220v 50 or 60 hz available are designed for global supply in mind.

The RNA range of linear feeder drive units can supplied to suit applications from 150mm up to 3000mm long. RNA linears can carry tooling for multi tracks are robust and simple to set and are designed to be used in conjunction with the standard range of RNA control boxes.

The ZE multi lane linear feed system uses the RNA linear as its main source of orientation device. The linear outputs minimal vibration to the mounting frames and can therefore orientate components with very little features for selection. Due to the length and accuracy of the RNA linear tooling can be machined in straight sections with the advantage of multi tracks for component families and rapid changeover.

The RNA linear feeder compliments the RNA bowl feeder system and is most cases is utilised as the accumulation outfeed track to transfer components into your machine.

 GL Series RNA Linear Feeder GL
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RNA linear feeders of the GL series have horizontally built in springs. Their feeding performance resembles a “sliding” rather than the “throwing” typical of linear feeders. Because of the small relative motion between the preceding and following device, this feature is most advantageous particularly at interface transitions for small components.
 SLK Series RNA Linear Feeder SLK
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RNA linear feeders of the SLK series have the following product features:

• Compact, small devices
• Simple handling when changing the springs
• Short track lengths of 200–350 mm are possible with the SLK 05.

 SLS Series Linear Feeder SLS
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The linear feeders of the SLS series are suitable for parts with high-precision guiding at the transition to separation or to the vibratory bowl feeder (rotary feeder). Thanks to the counter-vibration principle of this linear feeder, the vibrating forces in the base plate are almost balanced.

Product features:

• Compensation of the vibrating forces in the drive unit
• No vibrations are transferred to the substructure
• No reciprocal influence between several combined devices
• No influence on other devices and processes even in the immediate

• Highest precision at the interfaces
• An adjustable fixing makes it unnecessary to set the transfer points during maintenance.

 SLL & SLF Series RNA Linear Feeder SLL
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The RNA linear feeders of these series stand out for the following three characteristics: First, the spring angle has a patented adjustment that maintains the set magnetic gap. Second, the vibratory superstructures are fastened flexibly over a continuous groove (this does not apply to SLL 175).Third, this series has interchangeable vibrating profiles. Especially the patented adjustment of the spring angles – whilst maintaining the set magnetic gap – is a major advantage of the SLL and SLF series (Pat.no. 4312711-DE). The spring angles are adjustable independent of each other, so that the angle of cast can be adapted to the specific requirements. For example, higher angles of cast with slightly oily or planar parts, or flatter angles of cast with especially sensitive parts. The spring angles are adjustable from the outside. The continuous groove of the vibrating profile enables the vibratory superstructures to be fixed anywhere one wants. The interchangeable vibrating profiles make it possible to increase or diminish the mounting width.
 SLC 500 RNA New Linear Feeder SLC
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The new linear feeder SLC500 is specially designed for applications with high loads and wide transport and accumulation lines in feeding technology. The new linear feeder SLC500 is ideal for using in applications with wide multi-track transport and accumulation lines as well as with hopper systems in which a high filling volume and filling weight is realised in compact space. The SLC500 has a width of 300mm and a length of 500mm plus a load capacity of up to 70kg. [Details]

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