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Hoppers & Elevators

RNA HopperRNA Automation has an off the shelf range of standard equipment of hoppers and elevators.

vibrating hopperFrom a 5 litre vibratory BVL type hopper to a 350 litre “Bunkerband” type inclined hopper we can supply off the shelf with short lead times and competitive prices.

Almost all feed systems require some type of bulk storage RNA can offer standard off the shelf or bespoke bulk storage solutions. The standard bulk storage hoppers use RNA linears and conveyors as a means of transporting components to the bowl feeding receptacle.

RNA hoppers are designed and manufactured in house to your requirements and almost all sizes and shapes of component can be catered for. The RNA standard control box units have been designed to control the bulk hopper level sensing in harmony with the bowl feed system in a single compact unit.

Spares for hopper belts and control units are available off the shelf and all types of industry from Pharmaceutical to Automotive can be catered for.

Vibrating Hoppers

 BV Hoppers RNA BV bulk hopper

 BVL Hoppers RNA BVL bulk hopper

Belt Hoppers

 BFK Hoppers RNA BFK bulk hopper

 BU-S Hoppers RNA BU-S bulk hopper

 BU-W Hoppers RNA BU-W bulk hopper


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