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Vision System Integration

Laser drill vision inspection system integration

RNA automated vision inspection systems are designed to cater for a wide range of components. Quality control checks, OCR (optical character recognition) and batch sorting applications are a few examples. The systems have been developed to meet high speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection.

Medical Devices Quality Control

With years of experience in design, programming and integration of vision systems RNA deliver high performance vision inspection systems that help manufacturers operate more effectively.

Coupled with our proven expertise in specialised handling systems, control systems, robotic and vision integration we can offer quality turn key solutions for the most demanding applications. As a certified independent vision system integrator for the world’s leading camera manufacturers, RNA’s design includes the correct vision system that best suits the customers’ specific manufacturing requirements.

Vision Inspection Tubs

RNA vision system integration projects range from the provision of stand-alone inspection stations to turnkey vision inspection systems complete with handling equipment. The complexity of the projects range from a single-camera system to a multi-camera system carrying out multiple inspection tasks. From the feasibility studies through to system installation RNA work closely with our customers, applying knowledge and expertise to make sure customers get the best from their investment. Training and on-going support are provided after commissioning and installation to maintain high operating efficiencies.

An example of the industries we serve include:

  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Plumbing fittings manufacture
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 Video   ROTATING DISC VISION INSPECTION SYSTEM [Pharmaceuticals Industry]


Application 1: 1 size (50 variants) of clothing size tags 13mm diameter x 9.5mm
RNA vision inspection camera systemvisoin inspection clothing size identification tagsA single lane, sorting system incorporating a bowl feeder based feed system in conjunction with a camera inspection to sort the components prior to sorting them into separate containers for each size designation
Application 2: 2 types of plastic moulding components
Vision Inspection & Quality ControlRNA vision inspection camera systemAccurate inspection at a rate of 1200 components/minute3 cameras inspection-Rotating glass disc
Application 3: Blister pack tablets inspection
vision-inspection-system blister tablets vision inspectionA fully automated quality control and inspection system to handle and inspect blister pack tablets; Minimum damage at maximum feed rates of up to 600 parts per minute

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