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We Automate and Assemble

RNA are at the forefront of automation technology, delivering market-leading assembly systems to the world’s most successful manufacturers

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We Handle

Flexible robotic systems based on a standard platform to solve a wide range of handling tasks and with multi-industry applications.

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We Inspect

Reliable, accurate high-speed solutions from a single source supplier. RNA automated vision inspection systems are turnkey solutions for total confidence of supply.

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feeding and handling system

We Feed and Orientate

RNA supply a wide choice of bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders, linear and conveyor feed systems & hopper elevator systems in many different formats.

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Bespoke Automation

RNA has developed a range of automation solutions flexible enough to meet the demands on today’s industry. Fast and flexible, our solutions offer rapid payback and ‘future proof’ your investment.

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Robotic Systems

Low cost and adaptable, RNA provide turnkey, operator friendly robotic systems, featuring fast changeover and 'easy teach' for new components, to offer maximum flexibility.

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Vision Inspection Systems

RNA automated vision inspection systems are designed to cater for a wide range of components. Quality control checks, OCR (optical character recognition) and batch sorting applications are a few examples.

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Feeding & Handling

Our market leading feeders, conveyors and hopper/elevator systems are supplemented by centrifugal feeders, pouch handling and many other handling formats.

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Applications & Solutions

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Six Axis Robot Clipping & Welding System

+ Robot Clipping & Welding System

ROBO FLEX P and Asycube 530_2040


based on Asyril's Asycube 3-axis vibration platform

+ Automated Cap Assembly & Indexing System

Custom Built Laser Systems

+ Custom Built Laser Systems

Robo Flex C


A ‘Catamaran’ construction

Salad filling system

+ Automatic Salad Production Line

MK360 - Rotating glass disc

+ MK360 Glass Disc Vision Inspection

RNA are at the forefront of automation technology, delivering market leading solution to the world’s most successful manufacturers and aiming to give customers a competitive advantage.

Who we are

With six manufacturing facilities across Europe and a network of sales and service outlets across the globe, RNA have the capability to support you wherever you are in the world.

Why choose RNA

RNA has always been synonymous with high quality and reliability and with some 2000 systems supplied annually, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Why automation

Why automate in manufacturing? Investing in custom automation equipment is always an intimidating process. This is why we are here to help.




Caps F6, Capacitor Casings, Electrical Bugs, Cylindrical Gains...



Weld-Nuts, Aluminum Casings,Valve Seats, Casings...



Polish Brush, >Disposable Razor, Cardboard Shells, Cartridge Ristons, Cap Lids...

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Bags of Mustard, Curry, Wood Skewers, Sweets, Sachets & Pouches, Desiccant Inserters...



Xalatan Bottles, Pierce Depth Adjusters, Inhaler Body Mouldings, Disposable Syringes...



Ball Valves, Injector Cap Mouldings, Standard Nozzles, Sprayheads...

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