Applications Custom Automation Systems for the Packaging Industry

Custom Automation Systems for the Packaging Industry

Custom automation in packaging enhances operational efficiency, reduces waste, and boosts consumer satisfaction.

Custom Automation Systems for the Packaging Industry
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Applications of Custom Automation in Packaging

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The applications of customer automation in the packaging industry are extensive, covering every stage of the packaging process.

Filling and Sealing: Automated filling and sealing systems can ensure accurate, consistent, and high-speed packaging of a wide range of products, from liquids and powders to solid items. The custom automation systems can be tailored to accommodate different container sizes, shapes, and materials, ensuring a perfect fit and seal every time. The versatility of these systems allows for their application across a wide range of sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

Labelling and Coding: Automated labelling and coding systems apply labels, barcodes, and expiration dates to products with precision and speed. The integration of advanced technologies, such as machine vision and artificial intelligence, ensures high accuracy in placement and readability, crucial for inventory management, tracking, and consumer safety. Automated labelling and coding also facilitate compliance with global regulatory standards by ensuring that all necessary product information is accurately and legibly applied.

Palletising and Depalletising: Custom palletizing and depalletizing systems stack and unstack finished products with speed, accuracy, and consistency, while reducing the risk of damage. With the use of robotic arms equipped with advanced gripper technology, the systems can swiftly adapt to different packaging types, ensuring gentle yet secure handling of products. Moreover, the integration of intelligent software enables optimised pallet loading patterns, maximising space utilisation and stability during transport.

Inspection and Quality Control: Through the use of advanced inspection technologies, such as machine vision, metal detection and AI, automated systems can perform detailed inspections of packaging for defects, and compliance with industry standards. This ensures that only products of the highest quality are delivered to the market, enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Robotic Packaging: Custom robotic arms equipped with advanced sensors can be programmed to handle a wide range of packaging tasks, from picking and placing products to complex assembly and case packing operations, with remarkable precision and speed. The integration of robotic systems into custom automation solutions are adaptable to various product sizes, shapes, and fragility levels, making them suitable for packaging operations in industries ranging from electronics to food and beverage.

RNA Automation specialises in a diverse range of automation technologies tailored for automotive applications to help increase efficiency in these companies.

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RNA’s Capabilities

Robotic picking and placing expand icon

Precisely handles products of various sizes and shapes, placing them into packaging or assembly lines.

High-speed packaging robots expand icon

Offers rapid and precise packaging capabilities, ideal for high-volume production environments.

Automated filling and sealing systems expand icon

Efficiently fills containers with products and securely seals them, optimising for speed and reducing waste.

Precision dispensing systems expand icon

Accurately dispenses products or ingredients into packaging, crucial for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

Automated labelling and coding systems expand icon

Applies labels, barcodes, and expiration dates with high accuracy, ensuring compliance and traceability.

Vision inspection systems expand icon

Integrates machine vision and AI to inspect packaging for defects, correct labelling, and product integrity, ensuring quality control.

Flexible feeding systems expand icon

Adapts to handle a variety of product types and sizes for feeding into packaging machines, enhancing versatility.

Adaptive conveyor systems expand icon

Conveyor systems that adjust speeds and routes dynamically to optimise the flow of products through the packaging process.

Smart sorting systems expand icon

Leverages sensors and algorithms to sort products based on size, weight, or type, improving operational efficiency.

Automated assembly for packaging components expand icon

Assembles complex packaging components, such as caps, nozzles, and spray pumps, with precision.

Custom packaging lines expand icon

Modular and scalable packaging lines that can be tailored to fit specific products and packaging designs, enhancing flexibility.

Custom end-of-line solutions expand icon

Tailored end-of-line solutions like shrink wrapping, boxing, and labeling, designed to meet specific packaging needs.

Automated palletising and depalletising expand icon

Stacking and unstacking of products on pallets, improving end-of-line efficiency and reducing labour costs.


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The packaging industry is undergoing a transformative shift with the advent of custom automation, providing manufacturers with greater efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

This diverse sector faces complex demands, from handling various product types with unique packaging requirements to meeting stringent health and safety standards. Custom automation solutions offer a tailored approach to these challenges, particularly in the food packaging sector, driving efficiency, consistency, and cost savings.

Experts say

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RNA are able to support a wide range of Packaging applications from capping systems through to wrapped bar repacking lines. Through RNA’s use of digitalisation and repeatable feed systems the fast-pace of component change can be easily accommodated.

Chris Mills | Global Business Development Manager

What our clients say

“Polymermedics had an application that required a bespoke automation solution to ensure accurate insertion of small pins in a critical care medical device. We approached RNA for this solution and after some scoping discussions were presented with a cost effective and innovative solution to our requirements. The level of detail that they went to, finding potential pitfalls we had not envisaged ensured that the solution met all our requirements and more.”

Operation Director of Polymermedics

Packaging FAQs

What is automation in the packaging industry?

Automation in the packaging industry refers to the use of advanced machinery, technology, and software to perform various packaging tasks that were traditionally done by human workers. The aim is to increase efficiency, improve precision, enhance safety, and reduce costs across the packaging process.

How is automation used in the packaging industry?

Automation is extensively utilised in the packaging industry to streamline operations, improve efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce costs. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Precision dispensing systems
  • Flexible feeding systems
  • Automated assembly for packaging components
  • Automated labelling and coding systems
  • Custom packaging lines
  • Automated filling and sealing systems
  • Custom end-of-line solutions
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