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Collaborative Robot Specialists

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In-house Robotics Expertise


Collaborative robots (cobots) are flexible and easy to program robots that work alongside operators without safety fencing and guarding. As a robotic system specialist with nearly 30 years experience, RNA understand collaboratvie robot capabilities and technologies. We will analyse your application and provide best collaborative robot solution to meet the application’s needs and restrictions.

Why cobots?

Easy Programming
Fast Set Up
Flexible Deployment
Collaborative and Safe
Fast Payback

Best Tasks

  • Quick and short tasks
  • Repetitive tasks or tasks that require high dexterity
  • Unstructured tasks
  • Pick & Place, Packaging
  • Loading/unloading, sorting & handling
  • Manufacturing
  • Fine assembling

SMEs could benefit greatly from the use of cobots due to their more dynamic and less-structured environment.

How RNA help

Help you choose the right robot for your needs
Hands-on demonstration
Technical and application support services
Grippers and robotics End-of-Arm tooling
After sales support
Tailored Robotic Systems


Collaborative robots are used to boost performance and add value in countless industries every day.

Every industry has its unique challenge, but there is no industry that we cannot provide the answer for.

Easy to use collaborative robots can be adjusted and programmed to add value to any environment by taking over repetitive, high-precision tasks. Or, as we prefer to say: Collaborative robot arms automate almost anything.

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