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techman collaborative robot

RNA Automation
Integrator of Techman Robots

TM Collaborative Robots

Meet Your New Co-worker


Painless Programming

Manage the functions and programming of
your TM Cobots using the TMflow — an
innovative, flow-based editing software that
allows you to program with simple
click-and-drag motions.

With TMflow, you can create your own cobot
projects without any coding experience or
programming background.


Built-in Vision System

TM Cobot is equipped with a built-in vision
system, which integrates into both the hardware and
software perfectly, comparing to the add-on
vision for robotics that are more time consuming
and costly to implement.

Complete visual pick & place teaching
in 5 minutes


150N Force Limiting

Ensure the safety of your workers and any
human who gets too close to or interacts with the
TM Cobots. These cobots stop immediately when they
collide with any object, preventing further
injury to both human and machine.


Four Models, any task

The TM Cobot family ranges from 4kg models
suitable for delicate tasks to a 14kg model
with a meter of reach.

Our range of accessories allows your Cobot to
handle almost any task, from gripping through to
drilling, with options for expanded connectivity,
mounting- even keeping the cables tidy.


TM Collaborative Robots


Techman Collaborative Robot TM5-700

6kg load, 700mm reach

Techman Collaborative Robot TM5-900

4kg load, 900mm reach

Techman Collaborative Robot TM12

12kg load, 1300mm reach

Techman Collaborative Robot TM14

14kg load, 1100mm reach

Mobile Cobot Series

TM5M-700 | TM5M-900 | TM12M | TM14M

High Flexible And Compatible
TM Cobots’ high performance mobile series utilise an inbuilt vdc supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV/MR in the market today.
Built In Vision
By utilising the “TM Landmark”, the mobile cobot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M cobots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly. This solution is optimal for mobile stacking and machine tending applications.
Semi SE Certification(option)
Now with SEMI S2 certification for the semiconductor wafer industry, making the TM Cobot of choice for automation transferring applications between different work stations.
Techman Collaborative Robot TM12M
TM Palletizing Operator Copal
TM Palletizing Operator TM CoPal

TM Palletizing Operator is an all-in-one palletizing solution, as a ready-to-use and proven automation solution for businesses to quickly and effectively eploy collaborative robots in the workplace, without over-investing.

Our package includes built-in guiding software that assists users to set up their palletizing specifications quickly. It can also carry out palletizing simulations and collision tests beforehand, and even shortens the duration of pallet setting from the usual six months to only five minutes.

Industry Applications

The TM series of industrial collaborative robots (cobots) are simple, smart and safe robots that work alongside operators without safety fencing and guarding. As a robotic system specialist with nearly 30 years experience, RNA understand collaboratvie robot capabilities and technologies. We will analyse your application and provide best collaborative robots solution to meet the application’s needs and restrictions.






Conveyor Tracking

Conveyor Tracking

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

Lab Analysis and Testing

Lab Analysis and Testing

Loading and Unloading

Loading and Unloading

Conveyor Tracking

Machine Tending



Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Polishing & Deburring

Polishing & Deburring

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Screw Driving

Screw Driving


What are Cobots

If recent research is anything to go by, collaborative robots (cobots) are the workforce of the future.

Robots have been widely used in the manufacturing industry for many years to replace a human labour, however collaborative robots or ‘cobots’ are an entirely different ball game. The definition of collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something and cobots are designed with that in mind, working alongside other employees and not as a replacement to them.

Some operations and activities simply cannot be fully automated, however the process speed suffers if parts are being ferried backwards and forwards between workers on the assembly line from robots locked in cages. Cobots could transform the way we work and manufacturers like Ford have already jumped on the cobot bandwagon.


About RNA

RNA are experts in collaborative robot integration, providing a full bespoke manufacturing solution tailored for you. RNA offer highly trained, skilled expertise in robotic integrations, mechanical design and build engineering etc.

RNA are integrator of Techman Robots, supplying and supporting the Techman range of Collaborative Robots (Cobots).


How RNA Help

Help you choose the right cobot for your needs

There is a wide range of cobots on the market which are designed to excel in a huge range of applications. Single arm or dual arm, 6-axis or 7-axis? Different cobots have reach, weight, payload limits and footprint differences. RNA help you choose the right one for your application.

Hands-on demonstration

As it is so easy to program and so quick to set up, RNA provide hands-on demonstration. If you would like to see a cobot in action, it can be done on site and in the space fo just a few hours. Contact us to schedule an onsite demonstration.

Technical and application support services

Collaborative robot arms are used in thousands of applications every day. From automotive and aeronautics to picking, placing and machining. If you need assistance with your cobot application, we can help.

Grippers and robotics End-of-Arm tooling

RNA provide you tooling solutions that allow your cobot to do more.

Tailored Cobot Systems

RNA design and develop collaborative robots (cobots) automation solutions – all tailored to customers’ specific manufacturing needs. Let our collaborative robot intergration engineering experts help.

Best Collaborative Robot Tasks

Quick and short tasks

Repetitive tasks or tasks that require high dexterity

Unstructured tasks


Fine assembling

SMEs could benefit greatly from the use of cobots due to their more dynamic and less-structured environment.

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