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Sachet & Pouch Handling

Sachet and pouch handling

RNA Automation provide a solution for handling pouch and sachets not normally feasible with vibratory feeding equipment. RNA pouch and sachet handling systems are the market leading solution for the food and packaging industry due to its innovative and highly original design.

RNA sachet and pouch handling systems are versatile high speed units with the ability to singulate and equally pitch non uniform and flexible components. Pouches, sachets, cereal bars, salted snacks and bagged toys are a few examples. The systems have been developed to receive components from bulk, separate, and equally pitch discharging out on to the down stream equipment.

Loading carton erectors, flow wrappers, multi bag stations and delivery to high speed flex pick type robots are common examples of the systems capabilities. RNA can supply a total solution for handling pouches and sachets and can offer an installed package tailored to suit your specific requirements.

No other standard system can deliver pouches and sachets at such high volumes, generally providing spare capacity to avoid future bottlenecks.Minimal changeover required between different product types, which almost eliminates production ‘down time’.
Fist choice of packaging and food processing industry leaders with a proven record of providing an exceptional return on investment.A standard platform, which offers versatility, gentle handling and low noise to meet modern factory standards.
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Application 1: A range of fruit bars

Fruit-barsfruit bars
A five bowl feed system to feed 80 fruit bars per minute total from each bowl to give a machine loading speed of 40 cycles per minute with 2 bars per cycle.

Automatically load customers carton machine in-feed conveyor at 80 fruit bars per minute. << Details

Application 2: Cereal Bar 92-98mm long+wrapper x 16-32mm wide x 16+/-2mm high

cereal bar1cereal bar2
Feed and orientate 200 cereal bars per minute Scope of supply: Transfer conveyor, bulk hopper, centrifugal feeder, conveyor out-feed Execution: Stainless grade 304 and FDA approved polyurethane. << Details

Application 3: Sugar sticks (8cm x 1.5cm, 3g)

roller system roller system2
Roller System: the systems have been developed to receive products from bulk, separate, and equally pitch discharging out on to the down stream equipment.  << Details

Application 4: Bags of Mustard, Curry, Wood Skewers

Curry-Linear1 Curry-Linear2
ZE system: a multi Lanes high speed system feeds and handle foil bags with packaged mustard, curry or wooden skewers at a speed of 120 bags per minute. << Details
Sachet handling 1

Fruit Bar Handling System

Centrifugal feeder 2

Centrifugal Feeder-Muesli lids

Sachet handling 3

Cereal Bars

Centrifugal feeder 4

Fruit Bars

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