Collaborative Robot Integration

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Collaborative Robot Integration

RNA are experts in collaborative robot integration, providing a full bespoke manufacturing solution tailored for you.

RNA offer highly trained, skilled expertise in robotic integrations, mechanical design and build engineering etc. RNA are integrator of Doosan Robots, supplying and supporting the Doosan range of Collaborative Robots (Cobots).

Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robots are versatile, safe, easy-to-use and install, and competitively-priced. The cobot range won the prestigious REDDOT award for product design in 2017 and 2018. The cobot has a 6-axis articulated arm with highly-sensitive torque sensors that detect any change in force or pressure that causes it to stop. The cobot is supplied with a state-of-the-art controller and teaching pendant, and can be installed on the floor, ceiling or wall.

Doosan Collaborative Robots

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M0609 6kg payload, 900mm reach, ±0.05mm repeatability

M0617 6kg payload, 1700mm reach, ±0.1mm repeatability

M1013 10kg payload, 1300mm reach, ±0.05mm repeatability

M1509 15kg payload, 900mm reach, ±0.05mm repeatability



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A0509 5kg payload, 900mm reach, ±0.03mm repeatability

A0509s 5kg payload, 900mm reach, ±0.03mm repeatability

A0912 9kg payload, 1200mm reach, ±0.05mm repeatability

A0912s 9kg payload, 1200mm reach, ±0.05mm repeatability



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20kg payload, 1700mm reach, ±0.1mm repeatability

25kg payload, 1500mm reach, ±0.1mm repeatability

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Super Safe

Safer Robot Operation with Super Safety System
Five workspaces settings protect the operator’s safety and improve work efficiency.

Outstanding product safety certified by international organisations
*Operating Space, Collaborative Workspace, Protected Zone, Tool Orientation Limited Zone, Collision Detection Mute Zone

RNA Automation

Super Easy

One-touch programming in just 20 seconds
Doosan robots automatically recognize attached peripherals and suggest ideal work process in forms of various templates from simple material handling to machine tending. It also provides pre-programed skills, commonly used in the field, which makes it very easy to teach the robot even for beginners

Cockpit to quickly and easily teach robots
Through the cockpit (Direct teaching button) on Doosan robots, it is possible to select various teaching modes as well as to save coordinates with simple button operations, allowing easy direct teaching.

RNA Automation

Super Flexible

Doosan Mate maximizing the utilization of Doosan robots
Doosan Mate is comprised of a variety of industry-leading partner products from grippers to electric tools machines, sensors and software, providing the best automation solutions optimized for customer needs. All registered products are highly compatible with Doosan robots, allowing easy and fast set-up and immediate operation.

Convenient communication connections
Doosan robots support the latest communication technologies, even without a gateway, allowing seamless connections with various types of industrial equipment and systems.

RNA Automation

The Doosan M-series of industrial collaborative robots (cobots) are simple, smart and safe robots that work alongside operators without safety fencing and guarding. As a robotic system specialist with nearly 30 years experience, RNA understand collaboratvie robot capabilities and technologies. We will analyse your application and provide best collaborative robots solution to meet the application’s needs and restrictions.

Industry Applications

RNA Automation
RNA Automation
Machine Tending
RNA Automation
RNA Automation
Polishing & Deburring
RNA Automation
Gluing & Bonding
RNA Automation
Press Forming
RNA Automation
Plastic Injection Support
RNA Automation

What are Cobots?

If recent research is anything to go by, collaborative robots (cobots) are the workforce of the future.

Robots have been widely used in the manufacturing industry for many years to replace human labour, however collaborative robots or ‘cobots’ are an entirely different ball game. The definition of collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something and cobots are designed with that in mind, working alongside other employees and not as a replacement to them.

Some operations and activities simply cannot be fully automated, however the process speed suffers if parts are being ferried backwards and forwards between workers on the assembly line from robots locked in cages. Cobots could transform the way we work and manufacturers like Ford have already jumped on the cobot bandwagon.

How RNA Help

Cobot Integration, System Design and Supply
RNA design and develop cobot solutions to optimise your production process. We build systems that integrate a collaborative robot with other elements such as vision system, conveyors.

Hands-on demonstration
As it is so easy to program and so quick to set up, RNA provide hands-on demonstrations. If you would like to see a cobot in action, it can be done on site and in the space for just a few hours. Contact us to schedule an onsite demonstration.

Technical and application support services
Collaborative robot arms are used in thousands of applications every day. From automotive and aeronautics to picking, placing and machining. If you need assistance with your cobot application, we can help.

Grippers and robotics End-of-Arm tooling
RNA provide you tooling solutions that allow your cobot to do more.

Tailored Cobot Systems
RNA design and develop collaborative robots (cobots) automation solutions – all tailored to customers’ specific manufacturing needs. Let our collaborative robot integration engineering experts help.

Best Collaborative Robot Tasks

Quick and short tasks

  • Repetitive tasks or tasks that require high dexterity
  • Unstructured tasks
  • Manufacturing
  • Fine assembling

SMEs could benefit greatly from the use of cobots due to their more dynamic and less-structured environment.


Collaborative Robot Integration


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