News Precision Belt Conveyor- innovation in the sector of pallets transport

Precision Belt Conveyor- innovation in the sector of pallets transport

Italplant has developed a patented precision belt conveyor PBC combining high accuracy, high rigidity, smooth movement, versatile positioning with custom lengths.  As a new member of Italplant’s Precision conveyor family, the high quality low cost PBC represents real innovation in pallet transportation.

Also available in two working position, carousel and over-under, PBC offers precision positioning with a modular design. Instead of using a chain of pallets, every pallet in PBC is mounted on the timing belt, which is world’s first belt conveyor in the carousel position.

The unit can provide an intermittent motion (Italplant rotary tables), or continuous (HER Italplant programmable servomotors indexers).

PBC is capable of both semi-automated and fully-automated assembly and can be easily integrated to a variety of automation processes.

RNA are agents in the UK for the Italplant range of products and can now offer the latest addition to the Italplant precision conveyor range PBC.

To meet all the customers’ requirements RNA can supply a complete project that includes not only the complete precision link conveyor and placers, but also support base and fixtures to fit onto the links. Load and unload pick and place units can also be integrated to the system.

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