Spring Feed System with Detangler

Spring Feed System with Detangler

RNA engineers designed and developed a Spring Feed System with Spring Detangler to feed, detangle and orient springs. The system is ideal for spring separation, sorting and loading right into your assembly line operations.


RNA Spring Feeder System with Spring Detangler provide gentle separation of springs. The system is designed for automatically detangling springs from bulk and delivering segregated springs to an assembly operation.

Hopper and Pick and Place Unload

Hopper stores and transfers springs to the feed system on demand via a pneumatic pick and place unit.

Transfer Elevator

Elevator conveyor transfers springs from the hopper to the spring detangler.

Spring Detangler

RNA Spring Detangler separates springs before dosing them to the selection linear out-feed.

Selection Linear

Selection Linear transfers detangled springs to the escapement tube in single file.

About RNA Spring Detangler

RNA spring detangler is designed to separate intertwined springs in order to use detangled springs in the next process. The spring detangler/separator is often used together with a bowl feeder or a hopper to store and then feed the springs to the separator, which then feeds the detangled springs individually to the following process.

  • For small to medium-size springs
  • High reliability and detangling quote
  • Integrable between hopper and bowl feeder or between two bowl feeders (for storage and sorting)
  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • External On/Off switch with additional fuse

Spring Feed System with detangler - Pick and placePick and Place Unit

Spring Feed System with detangler - hopper with pick and place unloadHopper

Spring Feed System with detangler - hopperHopper Transfers Springs

Spring Feed System with detangler - Elevator conveyorElevator Conveyor

Spring detangler separates springsSpring Detangler

Spring Feed System - selection linear transfers detangled springSelection Linear


How RNA Spring Feed System with Spring Detangler feeds, detangles and orients springs

# Spring Detangler

Spring Feed System with Detangler

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