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Infographic Chinese Automotive Industry

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China is the world’s largest automotive market, both in terms of demand and supply. The market is dominated by a range of joint ventures between domestic and global manufacturers, and both domestic and global carmakers have been investing in the country in view of the long-term positive trends in the Chinese automotive industry.

The infographic shows a family tree of passenger car manufacturers in China 2019, including Chinese domestic manufacturers and brands and global manufacturers with joint ventures.

Chinese Automotive Industry

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The following graphics show top automobile brand sales in China in April 2019.

top automobile sales by brand
automobile brand sales in china

Source: auto.gasgoo.com

In April, the bestselling car brand in China was Volkswagen, on top with 233005 units. In second place Honda with 131252 units, +23.28% in comparison with the same period last year. In third place Toyota with 109057 units, +22.23% in comparison with the same period last year.

Currently, 50-50 Joint venture is a strict central government requirements if foreign carmakers wish to operate in the world’s biggest vehicle market.

Chinese government has promised to drop 50:50 rule in car manufacturing and marketing joint ventures with domestic manufactures by 2022, removing a two-decade restriction. China has scrapped foreign ownership limits on companies making fully electric vehicles or NEVs in 2018.

China has been aggressively pursuing NEVs. As mobility, autonomous driving, digitization and electrification will continue to change the automotive industry, there will be a disturbance in all supplier domains (OEMs, tier 1, tier 2).

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