Southern Manufacturing 2015

At this year’s show, RNA will be showcasing the MK360 Vision Inspection machine and the world’s leading collaborative robot from Universal Robots.

The MK360 is an ultra-fast and flexible machine, which is capable of inspecting a multitude of different components at speeds of up to 2,000 parts per minute. The machine features top, bottom and side inspection and can offer Optical Character Recognition for traceability and batch sorting.

vision inspection system mk360Designed to handle parts gently, to eliminate damage in the checking process, the MK360 examines all surfaces of the parts in one pass. Changeover between components is a fast and easy process to minimise downtime.

Collaborative robots, or Cobots are now offering substantial benefits to a huge market that hitherto have thought robots to be costly, complex and primarily for large industrial applications.

Designed with the capability to work alongside humans, in small footprints and without fencing, many businesses are now re-evaluating the opportunities to make savings and reallocate routine duties in the face of rapidly rising costs.

RNA will be exhibiting the latest addition to the Universal Robots range, the UR3, which is the smallest in the series and ideal for light applications in small spaces. Able to stop when it encounters force as low as 50 Newton, the UR3 features an infinitely rotating end joint, which is perfect for screwing and gluing tasks and can effectively become a bench mounted power tool.

Like others in the range, the UR3 is simple to programme. Come and visit us on the stand and we will have you programming in minutes!


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