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Cosmetics RNA provide turnkey automation systems for assembling and handling cosmetics packaging components that are designed to suit the rapid product changes in the cosmetics industry.

Green and sustainable packaging is a major focus in cosmetics. With our extensive experience of the industry, RNA is placed to offer flexible automation solutions to meet the changing demands of the market. The technologies used within our automation solutions:-

Robotic Systems Assembly Systems Vision Inspection Systems Pick & Place Rotary Indexing Tables Handling and Feeding Technologies


Nail PolishNail Polish BrushesRead more
Project: Sorting and Feeding of Nail Polish Brushes

Operation Description: The nail polish brushes are fed via the customers existing assembly machine hanging one behind the other into the linear track. The linear track is inclined for the first half which enables the bristles to be dipped into a lacquer bath. They are then led out of the lacquer bath again through the ascending linear track and transferred to the subsequent drying tower. The 11 minutes for component drying time is achieved via a guide track of about 52 metres in length.

Feeding Rate: 300 parts per minute

RazorsRazorsRead more
Project: Sorting, Feeding, Placing & Inspection of Disposable Rasors

Operation Description: The Razors are fed by a hopper to a bowl feeder for orientation all one way and passed onto a vibratory linear feeder for accumulation storage. A camera station inspects the razor blade cover for rotational accuracy on the linear feeder tracking. Out of tolerance components are blown off the linear track via an air blast from the camera reject signal. A cute with reject confirmation sensor deposits the bad components into receptacle. Components within customers set tolerance are fed onto a further linear feeder to a waiting station for the pick & place unit. A specially designed vacuum gripper picks five parts at a time and places them into the packaging machine conveyor slats.

Feeding Rate:30 second cycle giving a bowl feeding speed of 150 parts per minute

CreamCreamRead more
Coming soon.

Lipstick ContainerLipstick ContainerRead more
Lipstick Container
Lipstick Container
Lipstick Container

Makeup ContainersMakeup ContainersRead more

Mascaramascara containerRead more


Shavers Handling System
Shavers Handling System

Finger Perfume PumpsFinger Perfume Pumps
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