RNA’s New Smart Control

RNA is now beginning to gradually upgrade its range of control units and is offering a new Industry 4.0-suitable generation under the name of RNA Smart Control. This new generation of control units has Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) interfaces, for instance, which are able to communicate with one another. The first of the new generation control units to be introduced will be the SCU 1000 and the SCU 2000 (SCU: “Smart Control Unit”) which will take over the ESG 1000 and ESG 2000 after a transitional period.


As part of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, RNA as an innovative company is maintaining its leading position through a total revision of the control unit range. Commencing early in 2019, we will bring to market this new generation of control units under the new product category RNA Smart Control.

The successor of the ESS2000, the new SCP 4000 has already been introduced at the beginning of the year and the SCU 1000 and SCU 2000 will now follow. These devices are characterised by an innovative design that allows for simple operation and integration in modern machines. A clearly arranged display makes them easy and safe to operate, and with the plug connections placed at the front, it is possible to add several control units next to one another directly on the side. The use of the latest processor and communications technology leads to optimal operation of the control units and provides new possibilities. The SCU 1000 has a permanently connected power cable; with the SCU 2000, the power supply is pluggable on the control unit. In addition, the SCU 2000 has enabled inputs and status signal outputs.

In the next year, the ESK range will also be upgraded with the Smart Control Units SCU 2001 (single channel), SCU 2002 (twin channel) and SCU 2003 (3 channels) available on the market, too. However, it is our intention to retain the existing ESK in our product range for the time being. This means that our customers will still have the option to choose between the current ESK version and the new SCU Smart Control line.

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