News The New Patented Catamaran Linear Feeder System from RNA

The New Patented Catamaran Linear Feeder System from RNA

Extremely Versatile: A revolutionary development – unique to the market 

A multiple track system in a very confined space for high performance, careful handling of parts, a high sorting rate and simple recirculation of unsorted parts, are the excellent features of this new feeding system. Similar to a catamaran, up to 20 sorting tracks are actuated by two powerful linear drives mounted side by side in parallel.

With a very high feeding performance, only the sorting tracks are actuated but not any other components (e.g. metal tray). This results in a reduced noise level compared to conventional feeding systems. In addition, the system is variable in width and length.

caramaran feeding system

Quickly exchangeable for a multitude of components

When there is a size change of the components, only those sorting tracks that require the least time are changed without tools. Due to its exchangeable sorting tracks, as well as its flat and compact construction, the new Catamaran Feeding System can be used for a wide range of components. The compact construction results in low heights for falling components, resulting in the components being treated gently. Mountings and sorting tracks are repeatable and exchangeable, which is a big advantage for the customers, because they can sort different families of components with the same feeding system. The Catamaran Feeding System can be used as a simple robotic feeding system to separate and present components or for complex, multi-track feeding with high performance.

caramaran feeding system

Guaranteed highest feeding performance for a wide range of industries

The new feeding system can handle simple and complex components and also evaluate the tiniest of sorting characteristics. The system has a decoupled and variable recirculation that can be freely designed. Additionally, the sorting and recirculation can be done with different speeds, which has the advantage that fewer components are in circulation in the system

Whether pharmaceutical or the electrical industry: the system can be used in any branch of industry.

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