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Robotic Packaging System Packs Filler Caps

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RNA developed an automated robotic packaging system for packaging 2 different types of filler caps. The system utilises a machine mounted Nachi MZ07L robot with a bespoke gripper system to suit the filler cap and the corrugated interleafs.

 Robotic Packaging System Packs Filler Caps To begin the cycle, the filler caps are transferred from the pad printer out-feed conveyor and orientated and queued up ready for the robot to pick and place. The robot cell picks a filler cap when a signal is received from the end of the conveyor system saying one is ready. The robot palletises the caps in the box to a standard pattern. When the box is complete the operator removes the box and replenish with a new box and four interleafs. The cycle then repeats.

The robotic packaging system has a two-position loading area for the box and corrugated interleaf sheets, which is an operator managed area. The operator loads the box and four interleafs onto the shuttle table and then slide the draw into the machine.

A bespoke pneumatic gripper is machined to match and profile of both the filler cap and interleaf.

Key features

  • Nachi MZ07L Robot complete with controller and teach pendant
  • Robot gripper system to suit the filler cap & interleaf
  • Sliding shuttle station to suit the box and interleaf
  • Conveyor system and location tooling

RNA skills:-

Robotic system, Robot programming, Machine building and integration, Machine and process control, Pick & place, PLC control, Project management

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