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Palletizing Systems

RNA are the sole agents in the UK & Ireland for the RoboMat range of tray handling systems. RoboMat palletizing and tray loading systems are used throughout industry by many leading companies. The systems offer incomparable ease of use, compact size, durability, reliability and flexibility to suit any of your applications especially in medical or assembly technology. The systems are built using a standard chassis and tooled to suit your component and tray dimensions.

Palletizing System PSL 1

Palletizing System PSL 1

A very robust and proven standard palletizing system for pallets up to 400 x 600 mm. It is characterized by its ease of use with a touch screen, fast pallet changes and robust design. For the loading or removal, this palletizer can easily be equipped with an automatic axis with gripper(s).

Palletizing System PSL 1 – WE

Palletizing System PSL 1 – WE

With this palletizer, heavy parts for windshield wiper motors are fed into an assembly line. To increase the storage period, the customer’s own pallet transport carts were used. In this way, additional loading processes could be avoided. The rapid Y-axis with single gripper removes the parts with a cycle time of 3 seconds and transfers the parts to the next assembly line.

Palletizing system PSS

Palletizing system PSS

The standardized universal palletizing system PSS consists of a stacking and unstacking unit for pallets, a transport system for pallets, as well as a pallet centering unit. This allows implementation of a very cost effective unloading and loading process for pallets. The components are also available individually for equipment manufacturers. For loading or unloading, the horizontal axis can be fitted to a palletizer with one or more grippers. The pallet changer is integrated so that no interruption occurs in the separation of parts.

Storage system FSM

Storage system FSM

The Storage systems are developed in order to store full pallets and thereby increase the fuffered amount for the next process step.These are characterized by a compact design and, therefore, a high storage capacity on a small surface area. Due to the special construction method, the storage can be managed in LIFO (Last In / First Out), FIFO (First In / First Out) different process. The storage system can be equipped with a handling system.

RoboMat designs are backed by RNA’s decades of material handling engineering and machine building experience, including robotic solutions, focusing on providing the customers with the best and most cost-effective palletizing solution.

Pallatizing and tray loading offers many advantages:

  • Parts remain orientated
  • Delicate parts can be handled without being damaged
  • Magnetic component parts and parts for adhesive applications can be handled
  • Use of special trays allows component parts to be washed or otherwise processed
  • Component parts in trays can be stacked, buffered and stored

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