Centrifugal Feeder Feeds and Orientates Cereal Bars

Orientating and feeding of cereal bars

A global leader in the snack food industry approached RNA to develop a system that could accurately and consistently orient and feed cereal bars onto the customer’s existing line. RNA has designed and developed a rotary bowl feeder system (centrifugal feeder) orientating and feeding 200 cereal bars per minute.

RNA skills:-

  • Centrifugal feeding
  • Project management
  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Developed with Food standards




Food Industry


Cereal Bar 92-98mm long + wrapper x 16-32mm wide x 16+/-2mm high


200 cereal bars per minute

Sequence of Operation:

Components are manually loaded onto the conveyor by an operator; the conveyor is designed to pass underneath the customer’s existing line before inclining to discharge components into a vibratory bulk hopper.

A centrifugal feeder receives components from the bulk hopper and discharges them end to end at random via a sequence of out-feed conveyors. An orientation sensor (barcode scanner) triggers a solenoid to remove miss-orientated components, returning them to the hopper; correctly orientated components are fed onto the customer’s existing line via a declined conveyor.


Component contacts: Stainless grade 304 and FDA approved polyurethane
Non-contacts: Stainless grade 304, anodised aluminium and powder coated mild steel


How RNA Centrifugal Feeder Feeds and Orientates Cereal Bars

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Orientating and feeding of cereal bars

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