Case Studies Collaborative Robot precision handles Terminals

Collaborative Robot precision handles Terminals

RNA have been engaged to automate processes of handling and presenting terminals into injection moulding machine. A collaborative robot of UR3 was selected for the project, as it handles small parts with great precision and can be used without fence.

RNA skills:-

  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Bowl feeding
  • Robot handling
  • Project management


Terminals (25mm x 6mm x 0.8mm)


2 components to be presented every 46 seconds

The system consists of:

  • TAG-Z 200 Stepped Bowl top with PU200 polyurethane coating
  • SRC-N 200-2 Vibratory Bowl Feeder drive unit CSA/UL Approved; ESK2000 Controller
  • FP15E Mini-band Conveyor Out-feed; EBC3000 Controller for FP15E
  • Robot Handling Unit Cobot UR3

Sequence of Operation:

The bowl feeder feeds and orientates terminals, fitted with a non-accumulation station to allow only one component part at a time to transfer to the conveyor out-feed. The UR3 robotic handling unit equipped with a suitable gripper, collects one component part at a time from the conveyor out-feed and places it into a machined nest. The machine nest presents two component parts at a time for collection by the customer’s robotic handling unit into an injection moulding machine.

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