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The RNA multi-lane bowl feeder FlexType M serves the pharmaceutical industry

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The multi-lane bowl feeder RNA FlexType M is not only perfectly suitable for applications in a clean room but also permits the use of “laminar flow”. Extended covers of all substructures and the entire base frame prevent the air that flowed in under laminar flow from swirling in the substructures. Apart from the hopper, lining of the substructures has been carried out on all other components of the feeding system, too.

Protective sleeves are orientated in 10 lanes and then buffered in an accumulation line. The output should be a total rate of 600 parts / minute, given 60 parts per minute per lane. The special feature of this installation is an “alternating feeder element” that serves to feed a second type of protective sleeve with a completely different geometry.

Much importance has been placed on the aspects of cleaning and surface selection regarding use in the pharmaceutical industry.

The RNA FlexType M serves the pharmaceutical industry
The RNA FlexType M serves the pharmaceutical industry

A vibrating hopper pre-separates the parts and transfers them in controlled amounts to the following bowl feeder. The bowl feeder then brings the required quantity of component parts onto a cross-distribution track that is staggered at 90° to the actual linear sorting conveyor. This ensures that all 10 tracks are supplied with the required number of component parts.

The sorting line is a series of 10 tracks arranged in parallel towards one another and which are 100% machined. This guarantees both extremely high manufacturing precision and exact reproducibility. Parts that are not sorted are fed back to the bowl feeder over a return chute to keep the distances short and to guarantee a low parts re-circulation.

The whole installation, i.e. all vibratory drives, is uniformly encapsulated with stainless steel grade 304L. The hygiene regulations in the clean room have been taken account of, as no dirt can adhere to the surface of this material and it is particularly suited to keeping clean. Furthermore, due to the use of laminar flow, the substructures are all encapsulated, too.

For a downward laminar movement of the vertical flows (straightened and independent of one another) and to rule out any swirls, it is necessary to encase the whole installation. The required sensory mechanism within the FlexType M, which is used to monitor the minimum and maximum levels, is also designed to be reproducible, not least because the installation needs to be cleaned daily.

Owing to the RNA FlexType M technology, we are able to accommodate a change of part types. The changing element is manufactured in frame shape, so that retooling to the second type of workpiece is done in just a couple of minutes and with a few flicks of the wrist.

The production of feeding systems installed in a clean room demands a high measure of discipline and innovative thinking compared to the customary production procedures. And for this application, there is the additional use of a laminar flow that was taken into account from the outset.

With RNA’s FlexType M system for the pharmaceutical industry, we have managed to unite a number of aspects together; stainless steel for hygienic use and FDA-conformity, coating of the hopper, easy accessibility and not least, the excellent output rate of 600 parts per minute making this an optimum machine configuration for a clean room.

The RNA multi-lane bowl feeder FlexType M serves the pharmaceutical industry

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