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plastics industry

RNA provide efficient automation solutions suited to the plastics industry. RNA help plastics processors to integrate automated operations, adding value and improving the safety of plastic production.

The technologies used within our automation solutions:-

Robotic Systems Assembly Systems Vision Inspection Systems Pick & Place Rotary Indexing Tables Handling and Feeding Technologies


Find out how RNA help plastics and injection moulding companies around the world to increase flexibility and productivity.

Rotary indexing systems

Automated Cap Assembly and Indexing System

A cap lid and body assembly machine, equipped with body and lid feeding systems, a 4 stations rotary indexing table, main controller, operating panel and safety devices.

Robot De-Moulding & Assembly Cell

Robot De-Moulding & Assembly Cell

A robot de-moulding & assembly cell system to handle and assemble plastic moulded letter box facia plates; There are nine variants in terms of moulding shape and size.

spoons vision robot integration

Pick & Place Disposable Plastic Spoons

RNA automate a production line for disposable plastic spoons, correctly placing plastic spoon into a cap at a rate of 120 components per minute

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Rotating glass vision inspection system

Machine Vision Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

MK360, a ‘rotating glass disc’ design.
A fully automated quality control and inspection system to handle and inspect plastic moulding components

flip top cap closing system

Flip top caps closing system

An automated cap closing system for a range of flip top caps, developed for flip top caps that are open after going through the injection moulding process

toys vision robot integration

Handling of vests for the toy citizens in the Playmobil family

A vision guided robotic system handles and feeds 15 different types of small plastic vests of every type available with 10 different colours, into a Tampoprint machine.

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3D Printed Bowl Feeder for Pushers

3D Printed Bowl Feeder for Pushers

3D Printed Bowl Feeder for Filigree Parts from the Electrical Industry.

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Robotics in Injection Moulding

Robotics in Injection Moulding

Find out:-
Plastic Injection Moulding Process
How Robotics work in Injection Moulding
Robotics in Post Processing
Plastic Injection Moulding Robots Types


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