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PharmaAssembly and handling technology, robotic and vision inspection solutions can provide significant advantages to the medical and pharmaceuticals industries with respect to productivity, precision and quality.

Given the strict manufacturing standards for medical and pharmaceutical products, RNA work very closely with our customers at all stages of the project to ensure all areas of validation, cleanliness and guidance requirements are met. The technologies used within our automation solutions:-

Robotic Systems Assembly Systems Vision Inspection Systems Pick & Place Rotary Indexing Tables Handling and Feeding Technologies


Pharma Bottles Pharma bottles Read more
Project: Orientating and Feeding of 3 sizes of plastic bottles

Operation Description: The bottles are loaded into the bowl feeder by an operator. A specially fabricated bowl with twin tracks stands the bottles on their neck by grabbing the flange. Bottles left on their side or the incorrect way fall into a chute and back into the bowl centre for reorienting. The tracks are then merged together into a single track to give the final output speed.

A linear track with interchangeable tooling sections for fast and easy changeover transports the bottles to the customers filling machine.
The bowl top was made in 316L grade stainless steel and treated for a class 100 clean room environment. All seams were fully welded and highly polished to give a smooth clean surface for the bottles to run on.

Feeding Rate:100 bottles per minute

Finger Rests Finger rests Read more
Project: Sorting and Feeding of Finger Rests

Operation Description: In order to reach the given performance, multi-track pre-sorting is necessary. After bringing the pieces together, they are sorted again.

Feeding Rate: 120 parts per minute

Inhalers Inhaler Read more
Project: Feeding of Inhaler Body Mouldings

Operation Description: The Inhaler bodies are dropped from a moulding machine into a hopper and elevated to a vibratory linear feeder. The linear feeder orientates the bodies all one way and recycles misorientated parts back into the hopper.

At the end of the linear conveyer the inhaler bodies are accumulated and turned via a twist track to the correct orientation to be fed into the customer’s assembly machine.

The 7 types are separated into 3 part-families with dedicated tooling sections. All change tooling is via dowels for accurate and rapid changeover between parts. The changeover time for the entire feed system with a product change requires less than 10 minutes.

Feeding Rate: 80 parts per minute/run with large bodies.
120 parts per minute/run with small bodies.

Injector cap mouldings Injector cap mouldings Read more
Project: Sorting and Feeding of Injector Cap Mouldings

Operation Description: The mouldings are stored in a hopper elevator and fed on demand into the bowl feeder utilizing RNA standard control box ESK2001.

The bowl feeder orientates the components all one way axis vertical and turned through 180 degrees via a “C”track chute outlet. The components are then ready for further handling by downstream equipment.

Feeding Rate:150-180 parts per minute

Xalatan Bottles Xalatan Bottles Read more
Project: Orientating and Feeding of Xalatan Bottles

Operation Description:The bottles are loaded into the bowl. Buring the sorting the bottles are grasped and hung on their openings and passed to a linear track. During the delivery the rectangular bottle contour is turned lengthwise and passed to the linear track. The bottles leave the linear track flowing freely.

Feeding Rate:60 parts per minute

Tablet Feeding System with vision Tablet Feeding System Read more
RNA’s MK360 Glass Disc Vision Inspection handle and inspect blister pack tablets for a fully automated 360° quality inspection.

  • Up to a rate of 600 parts/minute
  • Rapid changeover in seconds
  • Tool-less to suit Cleanroom and autoclave procedures
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Can be used to preserve the integrity of sensitive and difficult products
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Silicon Stoppers
Silicon Stoppers
Xalatan Bottles
Xalatan Bottles
Pick & Place with camera checking
Pick & Place with camera checking
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