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Assembly and handling technology, robotic and vision inspection solutions can provide significant advantages to the medical and pharmaceuticals industries with respect to productivity, precision and quality.

Given the strict manufacturing standards for medical and pharmaceutical products, RNA work very closely with our customers at all stages of the project to ensure all areas of validation, cleanliness and guidance requirements are met. The technologies used within our automation solutions:

Robotic Systems Assembly Systems Vision Inspection Systems Pick & Place Rotary Indexing Tables Handling and Feeding Technologies Automated Feeding System for COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination


Find out how RNA help Pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies around the world to increase flexibility and productivity.

VariPic Conveyor with Robot and Vision

RNA VariPic™ to handle Typhoon valve with Springfit™ mask skeleton

RNA support face mask production in the battle against COVID-19 – A compact and proven package for handling complex and varied products, pre-configured and ready to use for fast integration.


FlexType R series – Robotic Handling Systems

The new linear flexible FlexType R feeding systems for all robot handling.
A linear pre-sorting conveyor to ensure a high volume of component parts to be picked up correctly by a robot; A ‘Catamaran’ construction.

Quick Release feeder

Quick Release Feeder | Super fast changeover

The RNA developed unique Quick Release Feeder (QRF) provides a low cost option for machinery needing fast changeover between products.

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Centrifugal Feeder Feeds and orientates test unit body

Centrifugal Feeder feeds and orientates Test Unit Body

A centrifugal feeding and handling system to feed and orientate test unit bodies for the pharmaceutical industry.

sort-flex thread inserts

FlexType L/M/S/C – Plastic thread inserts

Sorting & Feeding of plastic thread inserts without damage for medical industry.

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Injector cap mouldings

Sorting and Feeding of Injector Cap Mouldings

RNA bowl feeder feeds glass vials

Bowl Feeder Feeds and Orientates Glass Vial

Automated Feeding System for COVID-19 testing and Vaccination – Vibratory bowl feeding and handling system to feed and orientate Glass Vials at 120 parts per minute (CSA/UL Approved)

vision inspection capsules centrifugal feeder

Centrifugal Feeding System with Vision Inspection

A centrifugal feeding systems to feed and orientate filled capsules, with a vision system to check the orientation of the capsules.

silicon stoppers quick release bowl feeder

Orientating & Feeding of 2 sizes of silicone stoppers

Quick Release GAMP Pharmaceutical design for class 100 cleanroom environment

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Bowl Feeder for Cap

Vibratory bowl feeding and handling system for caps

Bowl feeder to feed and orientate cap (CSA/UL Approved); Sorting in the vibratory bowl feeder (rotary feeder) with a dual-track outlet.

Orientating and Feeding of Xalatan Bottles

Orientating and Feeding of Xalatan Bottles

A Pharmaceutical design; feeds Filled and closed bottles at 60 bottles per minute

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finger rests

Sorting and Feeding of Finger Rests

Medical Filter Assembly Machine for Overmoulding

Medical Filter Assembly Machine for Overmoulding

Custom Assembly Machine with Rotary Indexing Table for Medical Filters – RNA design and develop a fully automated assembly machine to assemble plastic filter inlets and outlets.

rotating glass disc

MK 360 – Blister Packed Tablets

High Speed Inspection Machines for Pharmaceuticals Industry
A fully automated quality control and machine vision inspection system to handle and inspect blister packed tablets; A ‘rotating glass disc’ design.

Pharma bottles

Orientating and Feeding of 3 sizes of plastic bottles

Vibratory bowl feeder with stainless steel cover, Special adaptor plate fitted with quick release clamps allowing for the bowl top to be removed and sterilised

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Tablet Feeding System

Tablet Feeding Systems

RNA bowl & linear feeding system feed and orientate your tablets and capsule carefully, at the same time guaranteeing a consistent and accurate flow of components into your production line.

Orientating & Feeding of drip chambers

Orientating & Feeding of drip chambers


Feeding of Inhaler Body Mouldings

Automated Feeding System for COVID-19 testing and vaccinationLearn more
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