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Find out how RNA help manufacturing companies around the world to increase flexibility and productivity.

Automated Sorting and Separation for Busbars

A&H Meyer | Automated Sorting and Separation for Busbars

A flexible automation system to sort, separate and feed busbars; a complete solution that handles 12 different lengths of flat and crimped busbars, and ensures the minimum retooling changeover time between all 12 variants.

vision robot handles fittings

Automated Press Loading System

A vision guided robotic handling system incorporates a bowl feeder, vision guided robot and control system to accumulate and load fittings into a hydro-form press.

Robotic Parts Feeding System Handles Swiss Watches’ Most Delicate Parts

Affolter SA | Robotic Handling System Handles Swiss Watches’ Most Delicate Parts

RNA FlexCube – 3-Axis Vibration Feeder
A turn-key solution features a 3-Axis vibrator feeder, a delta robot, a vision system and a flexible feeder system integrated into the machine.

Laser drill vision inspection system integration

Laser Drill, Vision Inspection System

An automated laser drilling process cell and inspection system for a range of plastic moulded components for a global leader of gas detector manufacture for the mining industry.

robot automated punching system

Robot Automated Tank Punching System

An automation solution based on vision guided robot technology, comprising of a vision robot, custom-built punching tools, conveyors and a control system connected to the factory centralised management system.

Plastic nut bowl feeder 1

Bowl Feeders Handle Plastic Nuts

Vibratory bowl feeding and handling system to feed and orientate Plastic Nut (CSA/UL Approved)

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