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Food & Drink

Food processing

First choice of packaging and food processing industry leaders with a proven record of providing an exceptional return on investment. RNA has a wealth of experience in providing handling and automation solutions to the food & drink industry. The technologies used within our automation solutions:-

Robotic Systems Assembly Systems Vision Inspection Systems Pick & Place Rotary Indexing Tables Handling and Feeding Technologies


Find out how RNA help food & drink companies around the world to increase flexibility and productivity.

Orientating and feeding of cereal bars

Orientating and Feeding of cereal bars

A centrifugal feeding system that accurately and consistently orients and feeds cereal bars onto the customer’s existing line at 200 cereal bars per minute.

JIF Lemon Handling System

Jif Lemon Handling System

An automated feeding system to handle the irregular shape of Jif Lemon. The system is supplied with twin bowl feeders, a puck loading station, orientation station, transfer linear and accumulation conveyor.


Orientating and Feeding of Chewable Sweets

Centrifugal feeder and escapement system; A main PLC controls the three centrifugal feeders and the escapement system.


VariFeed™: Chocolate Bar Feeding System

A high-speed, automated feeding system for handling chocolate and cereal bars. Up to 400 products per minute can be sorted for the subsequent packaging process.

Sugar sachets

Sachet & Pouch Feeding & Handling Systems

RNA sachet and pouch feeding handling systems are versatile high speed units with the ability to singulate and equally pitch non uniform and flexible components.

Fruit bars on the go

Fruit bars on the go

A complete automation-friendly system that accurately and consistently load different variants of fruit bars into a process line. The system provides a complete automation solution allowing both high throughput and flexibility.

feeding and handling system Muesli Container

Orientating and Feeding of Muesli Container

Pre-feeder consisting of a 500 Litre bulk feeder and a ‘Z’ type elevator; Centrifugal feeder fitted with an interlocked polycarbonate lid and ‘c’ track

Salad loading system

Automate Salad ‘easy meals’ Production Line

An automated system to present loaded salad trays into a tray sealer at a speed of 50 trays per minute. The solution chosen is a vision robotic system equipped with a sachet loading system, a spork loading system and transfer conveyors.

SORT-FLEX series - Bags of Mustard, Curry, Wood Skewers

FlexType L/M/S/C – Bags of Mustard, Curry

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wax coated cap lid centrifugal feeder

Orientating and Feeding of Wax Coated Cardboard Lids

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