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Today’s automation requires accurate control and operations. RNA’s professionally trained staff can help you understand the value of your system and minimize running costs

It’s good to know that everything is running smoothly with your system. In order to maintain the performance of installations in running conditions and sometimes in demanding environments, RNA offer you a check-up service, including drawing up a test record and making suggestions for maintenance*.

RNA’s service team supports customers with a service hotline and also with on-site specialists at the customer’s plant. When our specialists come to you, they bring along the knowledge and experience of the whole team of experts with his own experience.

Spare Parts Service

RNA offer flexible packages to allow you to select the relevant spare parts for your feeding system. From a bowl feeder drive unit spring and shim pack to a spare hopper belt RNA have an off the shelf stock of spares available worldwide throughout the RNA network. All spares have been designed and developed in house to compliment RNA equipment and are simple and easy to fit on site. Upon request RNA can provide a recommended spares package for old and new equipment. >> See Spares & Standard Equipment Page

For any service enquiry, please use the enquiry form below, or contact Harkesh Tank  on 01217492566 ext. 116, email


RNA can also provide training packages to maintenance departments. Fitting of spares and general housekeeping alongside the basic theory of bowl feeding are included on the day.

For any service enquiry, please use the enquiry form below, or contact Chris Mills on 01217492566 ext. 131, email

* Maintenance contract applied

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