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Tablet & Capsule Inspection

Tablet Inspection

RNA automatic tablet inspection systems provide 360° inspection for all tablet shapes, sizes and finishes.

RNA Automation Tablet inspection system

The RNA vision inspection systems can help with the following:-

  • Prevention of accidental product mixing
  • Prevention of incorrectly marked tablets reaching the customer
  • Higher throughput with added quality control

The RNA system can implement Quality Control of surface defects such as cracks, chips and protrusions. For transparent capsules, or soft gel type, a check for bubbles and contamination are also possible. RNA have the capability to confirm the presence of logos and dosage values, including the presence and position of drug release holes.

RNA automatic tablet inspection system

High Performance, High Reliability, High Speed, Highly Accurate table & capsule inspection

  • 100% end of line inspection
  • 100% surface inspection for all types of defects
  • 360° surface inspection (front, rear and side) for all tablet shapes, sizes and finishes
  • Checks both flat and convex tablets
  • Capable of speeds of 1000 parts per minute
  • Multi double speed progressive scan cameras (colour cameras also available)
  • Designed to Pharmaceutical standards
thumbnail of Tablet Inspection Leaflet1 ver1 Product Leaflet - RNA: Tablet Inspection (PDF)

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