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Robot Clipping Systems


Semi-automated and Fully automated Clipping Machines

RNA Robot Clipping Machines provide a standardised platform offering ease of use and fast, high-quality assembly to customers in the automotive sector.

Standard Machine Features

  • Machine Frame inclusive of base plate
  • Machine Guarding system
  • Machine safety (light guards etc.)
  • Robot gripper system (metal clip gripper)
  • Six Axis Robot(s)
  • Metal clip Feeding Equipment – Bowl, Linear & escapement
  • Quick change facility on the machine for the component fixturing
  • Control system inclusive of the operator HMI
  • Pneumatics – Air prep set/dump valve/valves

Key Benefits

  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Standard machine can be re-tool and re-program to suit different products
  • Standard machine can be re-engineered to suit special applications
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Optimal utilization of floor space
  • Improving production output and quality

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Automotive Clip Application
  • Single or Multi-Robot Cell
  • Bowl feeder system
  • Full Poke Yoke for clip present
Automotive welding application
  • Single or Multi-Robot Cell
  • Ultrasonic welding system
  • Integrate welding in with the clipping operation

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