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IoT ConnectBox

Internet of Things ConnectBox – the new mobile data collector from RNA

RNA introduces its new IoT Platform and mobile data collector under the name of IoT ConnectBox. By using existing sensors, the new IoT ConnectBox is a simple device for logging important data. Machine information such as temperature, pressure, output rate, frequency and other data can be collected and analysed on the IoT Platform.

Through Global System for Communications technology (GSM) the IoT ConnectBox can be applied nearly everywhere and does not need any access to the customer’s existing network. It features simplicity and easy installation.

  • Network-compatible and flexible mobile data collector
  • Industry 4.0/IoT-compatible
  • Connection to 16 sensors possible
  • For new and existing machines
  • Self-configurating and location-independent
Product information (PDF)


With the IoT ConnectBox you can collect various sensor data from machines, thus being able to supervise your machine and order maintenance services or spare parts on a timely basis. In addition, predictive maintenance models can be offered.

The IoT ConnectBox can be easily installed in a standard control cabinet and connected to existing sensors in any machine. It transmits the required sensor data either regularly and / or can be event-controlled to send to the IoT Platform. A GSM-based solution makes it possible to use the IoT ConnectBox for mobile devices too.

It makes possible the evaluation of the data from of your hardware in real time and captures it in a reporting format, which is designed to suit your needs. Sensor-triggered events can trigger actions and capture the status. Event-based emails can be sent, which are freely configurable in wording, design and distribution.

Features and Benefits

  • 8 analogue (0-10V oder 4-20mA) and 8 digital inputs (24V DC)
  • Connection of inputs via sensors
  • Real-time data transmission
  • IoT-connection via GSM
  • Location-independent status acquisition of machines
  • Self-configuration when being connected
  • High flexibility
  • Easy integration in existing control cabinet
  • User-friendly platform
  • 14V – 28V DC standard industrial power supply
  • Transmitting power: +33 dBm
  • Data rate: Up/Downlink 85,6 kbit/s
  • Protection Class IP20
  • (L) 85 mm x (W) 22,5 mm x (H) 92 mm
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