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Control Boxes

RNA Control boxRNA supplies optimum control concepts.

These range from low cost units to the self-calibrating high-tech unit with microprocessor control. Intelligent processing of peripheral sensors, tailored to the requirements of feed technology allow communication with hierarchy control systems. Moreover, the control units are available under a CE and CSA/UL licence.

 ESG 1000 
RNA control box ESG 1000
 ESG 2000 
RNA control box ESG 2000
 ESK 2000 
RNA Control Box ESK2000
 ESK 2001 
RNA control box ESK 2001
 ESK 2002 
RNA control box ESK 2002
 ESR 2000 
RNA control box ESR 2000
 ESR 2500/2800 
RNA control box ESG 2500/2800
 ESR 3000 
Control box ESR3000
 ESM 906/910 
Control boxESM 906/910
 ESM 3000 
Control box EGM3000
 EGM 32 
Control box EGM32

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