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bowlRNA have on the shelf stock of un-tooled bowl tops for pharmaceutical to heavy duty applications.

Stainless steel conical to a cast aluminium or machined polyamide bowl top are available. Centre fixing bowls for rapid changeover and ease of use on multi component applications are our speciality.

Polymide BowlBowl tops can be chosen and ordered directly from our catalogue from the wide variety of materials and sizes to suit each application. With over 100 years experience of bowl tooling and specialised automation RNA can offer a bowl to suit almost any application.

RNA will supply you a bowl top for you to tool in house or if you prefer RNA to carry out the special tooling this can be quoted for on receipt of samples and technical information.

RNA have recently developed a quick release Pharmaceutical bowl top that clamps onto a standard drive unit without the aid of tools handles or fixings. This bowl top can be used for environments where rapid changeover is required such as clean rooms and autoclave cleaning processes. No air is used during the fixing of the bowl and hand tools are not required for fixing.

RNA have the technology experience and off the shelf stock to provide the customer with the correct technical solution when choosing a bowl top.

 Cylindrical Bowls Cylindrical Bowls
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 Conical Bowls Conical Bowls
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 Stepped Bowls Stepped Bowls
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 Bowl Feeders Made of Plastic Material 
 Conical or Stepped design Bowl Feeders Made of Plastic Material
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