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SORT-FLEX series – Linear Feeding Systems

Feeding technology 4.0 – RNA FLEXCHANGE

Flexible high-performance linear feeding systems by RNA – The SORT-FLEX series

With the flexible high-performing feeding systems of the SORT-FLEX series by RNA, you will get the best and most powerful system that is available on the market, especially for applications with a high feeding rate.

With a feeding rate of 2,500 parts per minute and a changeover time less than one minute, the linear feeding systems from RNA are unmatched. The SORT-FLEX systems are available in sizes L, M and S with one or multiple tracks.




The linear feeding systems of the SORT-FLEX series from RNA are characterized by their high performance and ease of use. Depending on the target application, the SORT-FLEX systems are available in three different sizes (L, M and S).

The multi-lane system design allows a high feeding rate of up to 2,500 parts per minute. In contrast to centrifugal feeders, which have similar performance rates, SORT-FLEX systems by RNA can also process asymmetrical parts. RNA has a high number of applications from a wide range of industries with high production volumes.

The core feature of the SORT-FLEX systems is the patented linear drive technology of RNA, which has a unique feature due to its vibration behaviour and performance. Thanks to the vibration behaviour, the systems are also suitable for component parts with small features. The sorting can be built as a basin or compact catamaran system.

Features and Benefits

Component parts:

  • low noise emissions
  • very low use of air
  • suitable for parts with smallest sorting features
  • easy changeover
  • main unit applicable for changing range of component parts

Machine operations:

  • open system with good accessibility
  • very fast emptying of system (only 2 minutes)
  • easy and fast changeover in case of component parts change

Machine performance:

  • high availability
  • low vulnerability to failures
  • fast circulation of component parts
  • immediate sorting after filling – even at small batch sizes
  • high performance

Product Leaflet – SORT-FLEX series (PDF)

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