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Cylindrical Cam


The MK1 Tables have been designed and developed for those applications requiring an accurate, reliable and moderately priced indexing mechanisms. Suitable for high loads and moderate speed.

Standard motion laws:
The following motion laws are the most used in indexing mechanisms because of their superior kinematic and dynamic response. These laws are described by continuous velocity and acceleration functions having initial and final values equal to zero.

Velocity limits:
Normally 250 cycles/min.
For applications above 100 cycles/min please contact our office.

During dwell the output shaft is positioned with tolerance of 0.025 mm measured on the working pitch diameter of the rollers. The precision of the mechanism components when stopped during dwell time depends also on the design.

Globocylindrical cam indexing units



MK1 37.5    MK1 47    MK1 50    MK1 60    MK1 65    MK1 80    MK1 100    MK1 140    MK1 200    MK1 210


The E type indexers are rotary tables very accurate and reliable suitable for heavy duty applications.
Perfect for welding stations and big appliances, ITALPLANT “E series” with its three models is able to provide a indestructible but very accurate: the accuracies are of 0.025 mm on p.c.d. turret roller (00° 00′ 17”). These indexers are able to bear dial plate applications up to 10 meters, but can be used also in large conveyor drive systems.
The robust and compact design gives to the automatic machines designer a big dial plate and a large center hole, designed to accommodate stationary center post, electrical wiring, air lines, and hydraulic lines. All of this having a reduced size due to the reduced height and basement dimensions within the dial plate area.

Placing the hardness as principal purpose of this series, Italplant manufacture these indexers with durable cast iron, corrosion resistant, tensile strength, with high rigidity.
Dial plate has a great thickness for a greater load capacity and depth for fixtures.
The dial plate and the input shaft are loaded by special preloaded bearings with high static and dynamic capacity.

High Capacity Cam indexing Units


E 2000 E 3000 E 4000


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