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Precision Conveyors


An absolute innovation in the sector of pallets transport.


With almost all-aluminum structure, it combines two basic concepts for the customer: modular structure according to the customers needs and hugely lower costs, compared to other transport belt systems.

This has been possible by a combination of design essential and ridid mechanical linkages: the result is a conveyor suitable for many applications at higher level than its competitors belt, and yet much cheaper.

The motorizations applicable may provide an intermittent motion (Italplant rotary tables), or continuous (HER Italplant programmable servomotors indexers).

  • Lightweight structure with aluminum profile
  • Working position: carousel or over-under
  • Metric or imperial version
  • Length and size of the aluminium pallets, other specifications
  • General specifications: height, total length, even or odd pallets, disposition
PBC Accuracy
See this assembly drawing for ‘XYZ’ direction clarification.
All ‘XYZ’ accuracy measurements will be taken at the fixture locating dowel pin and inspected at the location indicated on the assembly drawings.
The ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ accuracy tolerance will remain the same at any given station along the entire length of the conveyor.
The ‘X’ direction tolerance value will be greatest at the links farthest from the drive sprocket an will improve with closer proximity to the sprocket.
ITALPLANT cannot put an exact value on this accuracy improvement and will only guarantee with the following values. These assuracy values relate to any given station not as one station relates to another. ITALPLANT will mantain an inspection report on this unit as well as supply the customer with a copy.

Accuracy values by link size
‘X’ accuracy 1m length: +/- 0.18mm
‘Y’ accuracy (at any link): +/- 0.18mm
‘Z’ accuracy (at any link): +/- 0.18mm
All accuracy tolerances are plus and minus.

Length deviation
Due to the diametrical clearance requirement between the link pin and needle bearings, the overall length of the conveyor will deviate.
This deviation is dependent upon the number of links between the drive sprocket and takeup end and is progressive, starting at the drive end.
The maximum deviation from theoretical perfect station centre will be at the link farthest from the drive sprocket.
This deviation does not affect the ‘XYZ’ accuracy of links as measured at any given station once the actual center has been established.
To compensate for this deviation, ITALPLANT recommends all station tooling be slotted to provide for adjustment at setup.

Maximum deviation
For the link the deviation will be +/-0.018 for link.
In all cases the deviation will be to the plus side.

Videos: Precision Belt Conveyor
PBC-60 Over Under Type
PBC-60 Carousel Type
PBC-80 Over Under Type
PBC-100 Carousel Type



PBC60 PBC80 PBC100 PBC160



High accuracy and speed, high load capacity, versatility of positioning and custom length.

precision link conveyors

ITALPLANT precision link conveyors are state-of-the art conveyors for all industries: mechanical, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and every genre of application: medical, cosmetic, electronic, and many more. ITALPLANT precision link conveyors combine excellent accuracy, high speed, smooth movement, high load capacity, versatile positioning, with custom lengths.

Driven by an ITALPLANT indexer with globoidal cam, guarantees a motion that gives incredible variety of motion laws (MS, MS20, MT, CYC, etc.), ensuring a maximum degree of reliability.

ITALPLANT Indexers are driven by a worm-gear reducer and three phase brake motor, or if required a servo motor and driver. The type of motion can be, continuous or periodic, with much longer dwell periods and custom length.

To meet all the customers’ requirements we can supply a complete project that includes not only the complete precision link conveyor and placers with motorization, but also support base and tools to fit onto the links. Load and unload pick and place units can also be integrated to the system.


Precision Link ConveyorsEach link of an ITALPLANT precision link conveyor is machined with high accuracy as standard. Links are made by anodized aluminium, but it is also possible for steel or other materials on customer’s demand. Each link features on the upper face standard tapped holes and dowels seats for fixing (see following drawings) but it is also easy to get custom holes.

Precision Link ConveyorsEach link mounts hardened rollers, checked one by one and greased for life.

The link has four rollers on the two sides, and two in the lower face for guidance.

In house assembly ensures the total absence of lateral and axial backlash, given by a pre-load of the chain to the lateral guides. Rollers pins are mounted on needle bearings, while central rollers are secured with bolts.

MANUFACTUREPrecision Link Conveyors

All ITALPLANT precision link conveyors (or carriers) mount hardened dual drive sprockets able to guarantee a transmission without backlash between the drive unit and chain links. On the opposite side, a special tensioning cam designed by our technical office maintains a precise tension of the chain.

Tracks where rollers run are hardened and ground and are a high precision components


Precision Link ConveyorThe majority of precision link conveyors produced by ITALPLANT include custom alterations. Conveyor length, index distance, index motion, working position – horizontal or vertical – link fixture mounting pattern, link material, tooling plate configuration, line shaft configuration, support base design, drive package components and drive package arrangement

Even if all these options are not enough, ITALPLANT can supply complete special conveyors following customers’ suggestions.


Precision Link ConveyorsThe design of ITALPLANT precision link conveyors is founded on three different entities: drive head (including pinion, input shaft, motorization), take-up end (including cam and all tensioning system) and the generic module, with which we indicate one link and all the structures that supports it, beam and tracks. With these three entities, it is possible to assemble the required length simply pointing out the number of links, obtained by:

number of stations (*) x link pitch

Length, showed in inches or mm depending of versions, indicates in this way the distance between drive end axis and take up end.


Precision Link Conveyor Carousel


Precision link1


ITALPLANT precision link conveyors contemplate a number of features unique for each type that must be examined by the customer for ultimate choice.

  • – Working position: “carousel” or “over-under”
  • – Metric or imperial version
  • – Length and size of the links, other specifications;
  • – Standard version or Heavy Duty or Light (when contemplated)
  • – General specifications: height, total length, even or odd links, disposition
  • – Special requests
Videos: Precision Link Conveyor
 PLC for Automotive Industry
 PLC with safety system SOTL-ATT
  PLC 5.5″ x 82.5″ – CAROUSEL TYPE
PBC 60 x 960 mm — OVER-UNDER TYPE
Product Information, Catalogues
thumbnail of ITALPLANT-PLC-advantagesProduct info: PRECISION LINK CONVEYOR Advantages – PLC (*5 years warranty when sold with safety output torque SOTL/ATT)

thumbnail of ATT-2012-ENG_ITAProduct info: SAFETY SYSTEM – Adjustable Transmission Torque with Safety Output Torque Limiter

More Catalogues and Drawings


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