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Screw Bowl Feeders – RNA Twister

RNA Twister | The Tornado amongst screw bowl feeders

  • For screws, nails, rivets, bolts, pins, studs
  • High performance up to 550 parts/minute
  • Height-adjustable sorting ring
  • Available as standard equipment

On the basis of the time-proven bowl drive SRC-N250, RNA has developed a screw bowl feeder where the user no longer has to manufacture their tooled bowl top. RNA Twister, the new standardized feeding system is suitable for nails, screws and rivets in various sizes and has a feeding rate of up to 550 parts per minute.

The screw bowl feeder is designed in such a way that the component parts can leave the system in a “hanging” position and can thus be delivered to the subsequent process.


The special feature of the new RNA Twister is the height-adjustable sorting ring, which allows to change the distance to the bowl depending on the size of the screw. In the development of the feeding system, the focus has been on connecting all parts of the installation directly with one another. Thus, the SRC-N250 drive unit and the sorting station are mounted directly onto a USJ250 mounting plate. The entire unit is then installed on the mounting table using the rubber-bonded metal buffers fitted on the outside.

The bowl feeder is made of stainless steel, which is manufactured according to the classical welding technique, and receives its finish by CNC machines. Laterally arranged adjustment units on the bowl feeder enable the user to adjust the bowl perfectly centred towards the higher-level sorting track. The height of the sorting ring can be adjusted individually with 3 screws to the shank diameter of the workpiece. The outlet is made completely by CNC technology.

We offer our customers this new screw bowl feeder as RNA standard equipment.

New vibratory bowl feeder RNA Twister

Technical Data

RNA twister drawing

The standard system illustrated here feeds 50mm-long nails at a rate of 550 parts per minute and can process the following dimensions:

  • Max. length ca. 80mm
  • Max. shank Ø6mm
  • Max. head Ø12mm

The difference between head and shank diameter should be min. 1mm. The adjustability is approx. +/- 1mm. A larger range of workpieces must be realized by
interchangeable parts. Further sizes can be requested accordingly. Please contact our sales department.


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