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Automated Feeding System for COVID-19 testing

RNA bowl feeder feeds test tubes

FDA Approved

316L stainless steel bowl feeder with a medical grade electropolishing finish

High-grade 316L Stainless Steel

Quick Release bowl vial stopper

Quick Release Bowl Feeder

Bowl feeder coated with Teflon

Multi-lane System Design

Plastic lab vials in different sizes and types

Quick Changeover

High Quality

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Testing remains critical to help countries around the world in the fight against COVID-19. However, testing is also one of the biggest challenges facing test kits suppliers amidst the outbreak. To meet the overwhelming global demand, diagnostics manufacturers have committed to increase production capacity of the COVID-19 test kits.

Given the nature of the pandemic, the test kits must be produced very quickly, and most importantly, be manufactured without any outside contamination to be safe and effective.

Bowl feeder systems are common but important feeding equipment when it comes to filling and packaging systems in the production of the COVID-19 test kits, for example, plastic vials or swabs. Not only must bowl feeders be built to precise and clean specifications, they also need to meet the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

RNA bowl feeder feeds 2 variant of glass syringes

RNA bowl feeder feeds 2 variant of glass syringes, with a white FDA approved polyurethane coating and interchangeable tooling

Pharmaceutical feeder applications are among the most heavily regulated. High-grade 316L Stainless steel is used for all parts of the bowl with continuous seam welded and electro polish finish suitable for handling pharmaceutical products including vials, test unit bodies and swabs. This ensures the bowl surface is smooth, pit free and resistant to dust collection.

RNA Bowl Feeder feeds and handles 3 sizes of plastic bottles

Grade 316L stainless steel is an iron-based, low-carbon alloy that is non-magnetic. For pharmaceutical hygiene products, grade 316L is chosen for its corrosion-resistant property.

A multi-lane system design can provide a consistent feed at a higher output rate to accommodate high demand.

Bowl feeder comes with 3 single lane linear out-feeds 6 lines at exit from linears

Bowl feeder coated with a smooth Teflon coating; the system comes with 3 single lane linear out-feeds 6 lines at exit from linears

A quick release feeder can provide a low cost option for machinery needing rapid changeover between products, or where regular cleanning is necessary. Tool-less changeover can be achieve in literally seconds, which reduces downtime to almost zero. And because the changeover involves only one drive system, the need to invest in multiple bowl feeder drive units can be avoided. The quick release feeder can be integrated with other packaging and processing machinery for a wide variety of applications, including bottle feeding, tablet inspection, pick and place assembly processes or small batch runs applications.

When feeding of dimensional and quantity variations is required, flexible feed system comprised of pharmaceutical bowl feeder, vision and robotics can offer higher performance and efficiency. Flexible feed system can be easily reconfigured to accommodate production changes and is particularly suited for handling and feeding medical products of complex geometries such as medical swab sticks.

The use of vision and robotics ensures the quality, reliability and speed of the manufacture, assembly and packaging, helping diagnostics manufacturers accelerate and enhance the production process of the COVID-19 test kits and antibody test kits.

In the worldwide fight against COVID-19, RNA are proud to deliver quality, precise and reliable automated feeding system to our customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and make a difference.

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